10 Success Story Gamblers Beat the Casinos

10 Success Story Gamblers Beat the Casinos

Casinos often known to have a lot of tricks that do not allow any gambler tasted great victory, but 10 gamblers have defeated these tricks and win against the wiles of the casino. They accepted the challenge and go home with a great advantage to some of them are not allowed in the casino.

1. Edward O. Thorp

He did this by making millions of computer simulations of Blackjack on the ancient era (60s) the computer giant size slower than today’s laptops. Based on these simulations, he finally succeeded in realizing the basic idea of card counting or counting cards which he can give himself a greater advantage to win 1 to 5 percent of normal possibilities. Thorp and his friend then went to various casinos every week and every week he can earn up to 70,000 US Dollars.

although the management of the casino trying to say that Thorp cheating they could not prove it because at the time of card counting is not known. Long story short, the casino does not allow Thorp play again because of the great victory that kept it achieved. In 1962, Thorp then released a book called “Beat the Dealer” which immediately jumped to the current best-selling book and reveal the card counting system used Thorp. Furthermore, Thorp apply his genius to the stock market and also won a huge advantage. This is the story of Edward O. Thorp, the person whose name is entered in the Hall of Fame Blackjack.

2. Don Johnson

Don Johnson as CEO of Heritage Development is the gambler who is already experienced, and he knows that all the games in the casino always manipulated so someone set foot in their door. However he managed to win nearly 6 million US dollars, or about 72 billion rupiah in just one night in Atlantic City, US. Not only that, the total victory which includes 3 casino is about 15 million US Dollars, which miraculously all won with blackjack.

He can do this by menydari that there is little change in the manipulation Casino different from the general. At that time, Casino in Atlantic City is experiencing a decline in revenue and they need a gambler who bet big, therefore they facilitate the manipulation. Don Johnson who realize this makes it even easier manipulation with a large bet. He managed to make himself and the casino actually experiencing gambling fair, namely the possibility of 50-50. By intuition, numeracy and a bit of luck he continues to beat the casinos to achieve total victory of 15 Million US Dollars.

It is not surprising that in the end the name of Don Johnson is known in various Casino and not allowed to play in the Casino anywhere in America. This is the story behind “Men Who Breaking into Atlantic City.”

3. Tim Blackjack MIT

Starting from borrowing money in the bank, they then went to defeat the various casinos in Las Vegas and each week they can win up to 400,000 US dollars.

Their victory is based on the idea of Card Counting and exceptional teamwork, to get into the team only one must pass strict tests and hours must be spent to establish good cooperation. The MIT team was in the end-known in various casino to casino Europe and has been dealing with the law more than once, the original members of this team out. Another student replacing original member, but unfortunately they are well known and ‘kingdom’ they must come to an end. Reported that total victory they achieved more than 5 million US Dollars.

4. Anonymous

Lucky man whose name is unknown indicate that all modern surveillance equipment is not comparable to human intentions. The incident took place at the Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia, and lead to a loss of about 33 million US Dollars.

This is done by a compact team who tried to commit fraud using the ‘eye’ of the casino itself. One member of the team will be in the hotel room and hack into the video camera casino. Meanwhile, other team members will be gamblers who bet large sums of money while other members Yag notify each card held by the other players. The gamblers never lose and get $ 33 million in just 8 games.

5. Richard Marcus

Simple but difficult to do, the trick is to make a name marcus cheating gambler known as the elite. Then cheating tricks like what was done?

One of the imposture is done on the roulette table, where he would have risked 3 chips worth 5 dollars and so he wins he will scream and perform other exaggerated expressions. What is not known is the dealer of the 3 chip, the bottom is actually the chips worth $ 500. If Marcus wins then the chip will be shown to the dealer, if defeated he will take back the chip and only pay $ 15. This imposture appears in a larger value ie chips worth $ 5,000 under 3 chip $ 100.

In the end he managed to win up to an estimated 5 million US dollars, but was caught and punished according to law. He then slammed the steering wheel and a consultant casino.

6. Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was a British engineer who enjoys gambling, he believes that he can beat casino roulette machine. He then hired six men to secretly record results issued on the roulette table. After checking these records he found there were some numbers appear more often than other numbers.

Knowing this, the calculation proves Jagger won 60,000 pounds Sterling in just 3 days. This is done at various casinos of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

7. Hua Shi

Gambling is always closely related to luck, although it was at the casino it is still valid. This is evidenced by Hua Shi of Brooklyn, US, when he and his friends went to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City and sit down to play a card game called mini-baccarat – a simple game in which we bet to determine the house or the player who wins – they find that the card deck is still not shaken.

The company that produces the card decks should shuffle the cards before it is sent to the casino, but errors and decks of cards that are sent is not yet shaken. 14 players including Hua Shi of Brooklyn, saw this golden opportunity and won 1.5 million US dollars before the casinos are aware of this and dismiss the game.

8. Dennis Nikrasch

In the known two types of casino gamblers, which is their first win against the dealer and the other are those who win against technology. Dennis Nikrasch is the second type, and he proved it by winning the 16 million US dollars from the slot machine game. Unfortunately, he won by fraud and should be responsible for it.

Initially he bought himself a slot machine and make a special chip that can manipulate the machine. He and his accomplice then went to the casino where the plot Nikrasch would hinder surveillance camera while he will open the relevant machine and insert a special chip that has been made. It is not surprising if the next round of instantly make him get a big jackpot. Cheating Nikrasch course recognized by the Casino, he was arrested.

9. Dominic LoRiggio

“Man with the Golden Hand” is the nickname for Dominic LoRiggio. Through his practice over the years, LoRiggio succeeded in creating a technique to control the dice are tossed results.

Dominic LoRiggio along with gamblers and renowned author, Frank Scoblete, said that they had managed to defeat the various casinos and win thousands of dollars in various casino they visit. Although this is not illegal, it is the casino also oversees the possibility of someone who is able to control the dice them and will force the player to throw using different ways.

Until today, many people say this is not possible and only lie, but LoRiggio said he was able to do so only with a simple mathematical sciences. What can you do?

10. Louis Colavecchio

If all the other gamblers in this list beat the casino by logging into their game, then Louis Colavecchio different approach. He did this by copying the coin slot casino and estimated he earned huge profits.

What makes him different from the others is Colavecchio successfully duplicate the coin slot to the level of similarity absolutely identical, and said to the coin slot is really the same as the original in many aspects. This is the reason why the FBI, Secret Service, and other authorities visited the residence Colavecchio.

To know where the coin slots from Colavecchio, it takes weeks, and it happened after Colavecchio tells the secret of how the operation is run as a plea agreement Colavecchio the actions that have been done to the casino.

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  1. I think luck and fraud is common practice in the gambling game, especially in the casino. With the lure of winning the big prize they are willing to play even there are some people who play just for fun

    • yes true sometimes there are people who do gamble just for fun because he was having excess money, and how he spends his money to beatify him

  2. These are extraordinary people who have much more understanding in the working of any gambling game.

    • arguably they are masters in gambling and had already become a senior for the gamblers at this time

    • The extraordinary achievment it self came from lifetime pactice and continuous learn process, so the reward is worth compare to their hardwork

  3. These people have the courage, high intelligence and intuition. The success was achieved due to good planning than luck.

    • yes I agree with you Vibro, perseverance to solve a difficult theoretical formulation thus creating a new formula to bring it to a success. this is what we should be appreciation of these people

  4. Many ways the gambler to win, but a special skill and luck is needed. Because every game in the casino gambling has systems and special characters. As well as experience in any gambling game is also one of the contributing factors.

    • That’s why we should first have to master the game until we can get the benefit of the game, and then after that we can expand it to other games

  5. That’s another prove that gambling is not all about luck. In some game, even the smallest possibilities can be calculate. And even the smallest possibilities can convert to winning prize when it play by correct people number and correct timing.

    • the point should not be too easily satisfied if we gain more in a game, because it could be slit our failures and careless that we are on the verge of collapse. and we were not too fast pessimistic because the smallest bet we can still obtain a great advantage if it has been taken into account with a mature strategy

  6. Wow…sometimes the gamblers to learn one type of gambling needs year by year.

    • That’s incredible right Gozy? not only for a master gambling, even a sport athlete also perform an annual exercise to set the strategy until he can win the Olympic Games

  7. Figure number 9. Dominic LoRiggio really amazing. What he did like a story that only happens in the movies. But this is really happening in the real world. Absolutely incredible…

    • yes it does seem quite difficult trick when compared with other tricks, because it is required to master the ability to control an object in order to comply with our wishes in addition to using the ability to think

  8. 10 people are lucky in offline casino , they haven’t to try their luck in the online casino ( OC ) .
    is still the same .. ?

    • seems to be different fortune to be earned by 10 people, due to their online do not interact directly with others

    • I think that would rely more difficult to play online gambling, luck factor should not be ignored.

      • I agree, Never ignore the luck factor, but on the other hand, never rely on it either. You need to balance between skill and luck.

  9. Edward O. Thorp has a remarkable ability, worth reading his book

    • may I recommend you also watch the movie 21, because the film is very interesting in terms of gambling

      • i’ve watched the movie before, and it told us about edward o thorpe story behind his remarkable intelligent. isn’t it @mbach?

  10. Edward Thorp also succeed at the stock market. He was implemented how he counting card on to stock projection analysis. He’s simple theory was how to buy at the right time, and the right number.

    • a thing which is not impossible if he could get a big profit in the stock market, because the gambling tables of statistical calculations that were hidden so he or she can be exploited them

  11. I want to make addition to Marjo’s comment; The Complexity theory can simplify like this: he combined statistic, linear, regretion, analysis with time clock and human phisycology. He also expert the number of cards.

    • agree with you Sugih Lim, seriousness in pursue of a problem will lead to success

  12. From the articles above, i think no one can compare with christopher colombus, he was gambled to take the opposite route to went to india. And what he won? he won a continent..

    • I think it’s different, 10 people at the top is to maximize the ability to determine the winning or losing, while Christopher Columbus maximize its ability to adventure on the seas to discover new things is not for a win or lose

  13. hey Rudz, in my opinion anyway when people gamble definitely use his intellect and thought it was done in the original gambling table or at the gambling table cyberspace or what we might call “online casino”. we can see the MIT blackjack team, I’m sure their computer manipulation can do to win the game online gambling, but is not that a fraudulent trick?

    • Yes that was a fraudulent trick. But the good thing is, it remind the casino owner to improve their security system.

  14. Read the story of the winners of this casino an encouragement to be more active in learning to play casino.

    indeed heavy, especially for the newbe. but success will surely follow.

    • I’m very agree with you, because when we intent to do something that would have to be encouraged by the efforts and hard work that is where success will follow.

  15. And something about rich people. Somehow they like us, eat like us, sleep like us. But theres one thing that make the different. The price. They eat a $1000 food and sleep at $100.000 bed that probably made from chinese jade. That’s the prize of their whole life gambling..

    • because everyone probably should know, it is a happiness can not be purchased with money even should the rich can not afford it, that’s why every rich person willing to spend the money solely to obtain happiness in his own way even if it is different with every person in general

  16. For me this story is very inspiring for our life If you ponder this story then how many times they do bet on casino without knowing the word tired and desperate

    • agree, this story should inspire to us to never despair in life to achieve success

  17. A real businessman will never complain about any situation they face. They put their emotion below their logic. A true business man will found any solution in every circumstances. That’s the different between a success businessman, and an employee, who mostly complaining about everything without any solution.

    • before they succeed they usually will experience repeated failures, but they never gave up and it was used as a life experience and a lesson for them. so in the end they found a gap to penetrate the success.

  18. actually there are many other interesting stories apart from the above mentioned names, but few know it, perhaps because they do not want to expose or be famous.

    • yes really sure many other interesting stories of various people in other countries, but they do not want him exposed, as an example of a grandmother who get annual lottere with prizes of millions of dollars

  19. And with brain like that, they wont act like a bodyguard who talk loud rather than thinking hard. So that’s why they look so nerd. A professor’s style that wont make a casino security suspected them as a fraud.

    • of course serenity in any condition is a lesson for us in the ability to think and solve problems such as those above, however, only a businessman who knows the business people, the only professor who knows the Professor, and only a true gambler who knows that the man is a gambler

  20. Their brilliant idea was how to find the gap in the casino rule, so they can escape from fraudulent act accusation from any law. They just banned from casino play. I salute them.

    • yes gap of error casino system that successfully penetrated by people at the top is not a criminal act, because they took advantage of his guard down a system

  21. Among the 10 people over there who do it by cheating and honest , you prefer the way where ?
    Maybe you have a reason his … ?

    • with honesty or deception would require a greater ability to gambling, I love the people who play with the honesty of it signifies that he is a true gambler who rely on luck to him. but I am very interested in the players who commit fraud of course it will require more thought for him to win a game.

  22. @rudz. I think at their level, they won’t play cheat. Why? because cheat is like a child play for them. Far beyond their level. For example: counting card was not a cheat. It was a brilliant statistics.

    • remember! a first statistical machine maker in the level of gambling would keep even the smallest risk, because they know if someone does gambling is certainly to be expected is a victory not defeat. so a machine maker will create a program that they consider the most perfect of all forms of cheating.

  23. And skills like LoRiggio dice manipulation, is not an easy skill. Need years of practice and Possibilities analyze capabilitily.

    • will not be many people who could do such a thing, because altering skills or regulate the motion of an object is different from reading a person’s thinking

  24. But never think that you’ll be the next hua shi. He was amazingly lucky to get those 1,5 million. He’s one of a million.

    • this exception, because this is not the fault of a statistical program machine maker, this is purely the fault of the management of the casino. or any other term is negligence

  25. From ten people above, many things wr can learn from them. Hard work, integrity, and intelligence. We can apply it in real life

    • yes you right sumarjo, gambling spirit is they who determine their victory and success

  26. Can anyone tell where i can find Thorpe book? not for cheating, just learning how it works

    • I just heard from a friend how Edward O. Thorp solve statistical patterns in casino poker game, he was assisted by his students in studying every poker table in a casino. every student she spread to some point the table to find the exact statistics as planned by O. Thorp. when one of the specified table has been found that all students will soon be heading predetermined table. and that I know of information that Team MIT are some students of Edward O. Thorp. But for his own books I’ve never read it directly.

  27. This is a series of names of those who have managed to beat the tricks of the casino, but it certainly risks will come to him with no longer allowed to come to the casino.

  28. Thanks for sharing this great article bro. But I don’t think I can play this. Because I lose everytime whenever I bet. Bad Luck. 🙁

  29. Thank you for the insights as I have never heard of them before.
    And if you can find and edge that gives you better odds of winning against the Casino’s is it cheating or legal?

    • I think it’s fine, and it was not a fraud if it is to win a game by taking into account the data statistics in the table.

  30. I am always inspired by their every opening this article.

  31. The best players in the world of gambling more. I am interested gamblers. Edward o. Thorp, who had the title of Professor and make a simulation game and book publish it

  32. Wow. Really great and amazing gamblers. All of these are masters in their fields, and that’s the reason today we’re all talking about them. No doubt, they have made wonderful victories. But this victory is one of the most especial for them, that now the people around the World are talking about them, and are inspired by them. I never did any gambling, and haven’t any such intention in future. But now, I want to become such a person as they were | are….. and I think that is impossible for me….

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