Last Friday, Senator Kamala Harris appeared at a Las Vegas Culinary Worker Union, where she reportedly blasted Station Casino owners-Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. She claimed that the brothers paid less tax and that their company does not recognize the Union.

According to Nevada Independent, Kamala also claimed that the company didn’t agree to hold negotiations with the representatives from the Las Vegas affiliate of the national Unite Here Union. While Nevada properties agreed with union representation, Station Casino filed an appeal when the National Labor Relations Board requesting to negotiate with the Union.

Up to now, the collective bargaining certification disputes haven’t been solved; the Culinary Union is pressuring Station Casino to agree to a negotiation. Senator Kamala is doing the same.

“I’ve weighed in on that. I’m with you on that. I’m with you in terms of standing with the workers. What they’ve been doing at Station Casinos is wrong, and I applaud your leadership,” Kamala told Nevada Independent Newspaper.

In March, Culinary Union threatened to take action against a committee that supports Donald Trump and received a considerable donation from Fertitta. The company is said to have donated $2 million to America First Action Inc. based in Arlington, Virginia.

Culinary Local 226 is also planning to confront other company’s affiliated with Fertitta Capital. The Union insists that all subsidiary businesses must put pressure on Fertitta to agree on negotiations with the Union.

Culinary Local 226 also planned to picket several businesses, including those associated with Fertitta Capital. According to, the Union wants the ancillary businesses to put pressure on the Fertittas to negotiate with the Union.

Harris Promise to Keep Private Healthcare Insurance Plans

Kamala also praised the Culinary Union’s health care insurance and affirmed that his proposed Medicare insurance would not scrap private insurance options. Her proposal differs with other presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren healthcare insurance proposals.

Democrat Candidates Endorsed by Culinary Union Local 226

Harris is the first Democrat presidential candidate to appear in Nevada during the campaign season. Her interest may be the same to other Democrat candidates. So far, the Culinary Union Local 226 has endorsed a candidate for 2020, in the past, they endorsed Barack Obama and then Hillary Clinton.

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