‘Uniform’ is a matter of pride, justice, and honesty. However, we do come across people from around the globe who malign the uniform and its dignity. Something very similar happened in Rhode Island. A Police Officer was caught for a brazen theft at a casino. The man was apprehended by the security officers soon after and was handed over to the police. He has been arrested for his actions soon after that.

A police officer named David J Bradley was arrested last Thursday by Rhode Island Police. The arrest was made after the investigation concluded that he stole $1700 from a Casino Patron. The incident took place on November 1 at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln. The entire incident was caught on camera and the Gaming Enforcement Unit caught him for the larceny. The police officer was 59 years old and was picked from the parking lot. Rhode Island Police was then contacted to hand over the case.

Police details revealed that Bradley was at the Blackstone club of the Twin River Casino on November 1. A gambler dropped his wallet on the floor accidentally and Bradley saw that. He went and picked up the wallet and to everyone’s surprise, he went straight through the door.
Well, he did not return it to the rightful owner which was his duty. He instead chose to take that money and was fleeing the scene.

However, he might have forgotten that every corner of a casino is equipped with cameras. The Gaming Enforcement Unit eyes every small thing happening in the casino and this was too big an incident to miss. The enforcement officials followed him to the parking. He was stopped and immediately questioned about the whole incident. Upon reviewing the incident, he was picked up.

Bradley has already been arraigned by a judge. He was arraigned at the Rhode Island State Police Lincoln Barracks. He is already out on a hefty $5000 ‘personal recognizance’ reported Calvinayre. He needs to appear in the court next time on February 6, 2020. Despite this, he might not be able to wear the uniform again. His days as Rhode Island Police officer may be numbered. Some argue, he is not worthy of it as well. He has been in the Police Force with Rhode Island for the last eight years. However, now he might end up behind the bars for three years. He might need to pay a penalty of $1500 additionally. One might argue that this would be a disgraceful end to the career for brute dishonesty.

He was assigned to the Rhode Island Capitol Police. The enforcement agency is tasked to look after the security of the State House as well as courts. Even though there is no information whether he is suspended from duty but he is rarely seen. The local reports indicate that if he is not suspended then he is probably spending time at home rather than on duty. There is hardly any escape for Bradley after the ordeal as there is strong video evidence against him.