San Francisco 49ers welcomes Seattle Seahawks in the Bay Area in the most awaited NFC West clash. The 49ers are leading the Western Division, and in case they lose to Seahawks, they will still be holding the lead.

The odds are in favor of 49ers to win the game. Sports analytics site numberFire told that San Francisco is the favorite to most sportsbooks by six points. FanDuel gave 49ers 5.5 points chance of winning, and BetMGM offered 6.5 points. Wagers at FanDueln and William Hill went against the odds and invested in favor of Seahawks.

Bettors saw some added value on Seahawks’ money line. William Hill is reported to have taken 89 percent of stake while 77 percent of the money was placed on Seahawks who had a value of 210. The wagering order was similar in FanDuel, where 76 percent of cash was placed on Seahawk.

Bettors placing on Seahawks are expecting to double their money. The expectations are high that the game will have a lot of scoring. The under/over wagers in William Hill, accounted for 47 percent of all wagering and FanDuel is at 46.5 percent. The over beats are the majority representing 80 percent of tickets and 79 percent of cash at William Hill while 77percent of bets at FanDuel and 78 percent of the money on over.

49ers Awaits the Toughest Challenge

Bettors prefer Seahawks because they had tougher games where they lost to both New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Raves. San Francisco is yet to meet the two. Seahawks is the toughest challenge that 49ers have yet to meet, in the first three games; they won with a record of 5-4. Niners expect to play against Raven and the Saints next month.

AT Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco is a formidable force; they have won the first three games this season, including against Cleveland last week. They also beat Carolina 51-13 on 27th October.

Will Gordon Play?

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that he wasn’t relying on Gordon, but added he might play on Monday night game. Seahawks chart shows Gordon as a third-string receiver.