Wynn Resorts, a casino operator, has pointed an accusatory finger at Elaine Wynn, the majority shareholder, as being behind the smearing of Steve Wynn, the founder and her ex-husband.

Wynn Resort came out to defend itself against an invasion of privacy lawsuit filed at a Nevada court by former hairdresser at Wynn salon Jorgen Nielsen. Nielsen, who worked for the company at its Las Vegas salon, claimed the resort placed him under surveillance after he was quoted in a 2018 report ran by the Wall Street Journal. The report reveals much sexual harassment allegation labelled against Steve Wynn.

To dismiss the suit Nielsen had presented, the report pointed to an affidavit from one of Nielsen’s friends, Renee Palleggi, which claimed that Nielsen called her a few months back just before this journal went public as is stated in calvinayre.

Palleggi also claimed that Nielsen informed her that Elaine was cooperating with the Journal to come up with information on Steve that would see the two benefit financially as the winning team.

Nielsen’s friend also went ahead to claim that he and Elaine would pay her a six-figure value if she claimed that Steve had assaulted her sexually and he is also her son’s father. Palleggi claims that she turned down this offer, and told the court these allegations against Steve could not be accurate. She also stated that she had known the accused for many years, and he never showed any inappropriate conduct towards anyone.

The filling this past Friday by the resorts noted that Nielsen thinks his interests are at per with Elaine’s and that she will be a massive beneficiary of Nielsen’s lawsuit. The Resort also claims that Nielsen has not been harmed in any way by actions of the company or its executives.

Of course, Elaine has rubbished the claim that she made 150 women available who would have something defamatory to say about Steve Wynn. The also characterised Palleggi story as being inaccurate.

Wynn and Elaine’s board have clashed, repeatedly, in the past few years, and although she got back full control of her Wynn holdings after her husband’s ouster, he effort to go back to the company have not been very successful. The seat feels ever so elusive, especially after last Friday’s court filing.

Last year, Steve Wynn sued Nielsen on defamatory grounds over the comments he made in the Journal that said the salon staff felt petrified each time they learned that Steve Wynn was planning a visit to render his services. Steve had to resign from Wynn Resort, the company he had founded, a few weeks after the journal made the revelation.

Unfortunately, the resignation has not helped Wynn Resort in any way and the past has refused to go away. Currently, the regulations in Nevada require that Steve’s state gaming license be revoked. To add salt to injury, about 9 women have come out claiming to be his victims and are suing Wynn Resort, which is already dealing with 8 figure fines in Massachusetts and Nevada for not being honest with state regulators on this matter.

Basheera Manaar is a freelance writer covering news related to Land Based Casinos in United States. When she is not informing you about the gambling world, you will find her busy interacting with nature, people and animals. She recently graduate from Nairobi University with a degree in Journalism.

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