It is official – machines are ready to take over the casino workforce. In any case, this seems to be the case in the betting industry. At this time, there are quite a number of alternatives for integrating automated systems on a gaming floor – drink ordering machines that work automatically, automatic options for delivery and so on.

However, the newest innovation takes things to another level and would only need for Skynet to be introduced before the rebellion kicks in fully.

Lt Game, a branch of Paradise Gaming in Hong Kong, is fired up to launch its robot table games dealers for the general public to enjoy.

The Gaming manufacturer is poised to release a functional table games-dealing robot. According to news gotten from Calvin Ayre, the MNA (Macau News Agency) reports that the “human-like” robot card game of LT Game dealers is set after undergoing years of development.

The robots have been designed to function flawlessly and are poised to take their spot behind card tables at casinos overseas. The city of Macau could be added to the list, as several gaming operators have registered quite several complaints about inexperienced talents on the gaming floors.

The machines, on the other hand, are fully equipped with the necessary software that will allow them to perform to better than the average person. The latest release of the robots was displayed at the recent MGS Entertainment Show 2019. This show was held at The Venetian, Macau.

Present at this groundbreaking unveiling was Ross Zhang, LT Game quality assurance engineer. He went on to tell the MNA on the launching of the robots that;

“Local casinos lack manpower so we invented this machine in which we keep the fun of the game while avoiding the lack of manpower with this robot.”

The organization has brought a dealer in robots to the show every year since 2015. They’ve always tried to provide an updated version of their tech as engineers work hard to improve the technology.

The newest edition is fully equipped to distribute cards and does not contain AI (Artificial Intelligence) in any form – there are plans to include this in future releases. Zhang disclosed to MNA that:

“If we introduce any AI function into the machine, we are raising an issue on whether the AI will influence the probabilities of the game. We just keep it simple, he just gives the cards.”

In no distant future, Casino robots are on their way – regardless of how long it takes, be it five years or ten years, the time is upon us. Casinos have already added some sort of AI into their daily operations. This can be seen in instances like where they were able to determine heavy hitters and those who would either win or lose.

The tech can monitor every transaction, every single operation, every dollar spent by each gambler across the services the casino offers.

Integrating such data into the brains of a robot dealer would not be a difficult task to achieve. The billionaire investor, Stephen Schwarzman, who’s behind the Blackstone Group, had this to say recently,

“AI will shape the world in ways we can’t imagine.

The sooner we come to an understanding of AI that ensures its powerful capabilities are a net positive for people and workers, the more wisely we can develop and deploy it.”

Amir Azzam is a professional Journalist from South Africa. He loves writing about Sports and Casinos. Amir is a neutral when it comes to club football. He is especially fond of the English Premiership and his favorite part of the season is the relegation battle.
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