Earlier this week, Yahoo Sports launched its own sportsbook that is powered by BetMGM in the US. The sports news website has now joined other sportsbook companies and will now allow players to bet on sports of their preference. In addition to that, fans have a new platform that they can view odds for a variety of sports.

For now, Yahoo’s sportsbook is only available in the Garden State (New Jersey). However, the company has hinted that it will spread its wings to other states as well, according to affiliateinsider.com. The sportsbook will target states that have sports betting regulations.

Once rolled out, players will have the option to play on the Yahoo Sports app or online via a personal computer.

Yahoo explained that their sportsbook aimed to improve the sports betting experience for its fans. With the platform, players are connected to their favorite games and they are able to carry out the transaction smoothly.

So far, the USA has legal sports betting in thirteen states. There will be more states once six other states get the bills passed. A state like Colorado, for instance, will launch sports betting once the referendum results are out. And that is only if the referendum results are positive in that regard. Additionally, other states have expressed their interest meaning there will be more betting sites in the future.

During the Yahoo sportsbook launch, BetMGM President Scott Butera had a word or two to chip in. He opined that his company gave more preference to creating a quality product other than spending more on advertising and promotion. With these words, he was definitely hinting that players stand to benefit from the product.

He further added that as a company they held the belief that watching and experiencing sports went hand in hand with transactions.

According to him, this was why he and his team are committed to providing top-notch services to players. Butera also expressed his excitement in working with Yahoo as a partner. BetMGM works with a number of companies in the country.

Apart from the new sportsbook, Yahoo has a daily fantasy sports (DFS) product which is already established. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app is a comprehensive and easy to use app that allows players to manage all aspects of their sports team.

Similarly, the app allows users to pick players and rearrange the stats of any sport. Whether players fancy football, soccer, hockey, baseball or basketball the app has it all. It offers tools that players can use to create teams that will win.

The app which is on Android is claimed to have the capacity to enhance quick and easy management of teams. It also automatically generates scores in whichever sport a person is interested in regardless of the scoring method.

Moreover, the app supports multiple scoring methods. Players can switch between sports and have a number of teams on the go. Yahoo claims it’s an app that does it all.

The DFS also has an affiliate program that offers twenty-five percent flat commissions to its players.

Amir Azzam is a professional Journalist from South Africa. He loves writing about Sports and Casinos. Amir is a neutral when it comes to club football. He is especially fond of the English Premiership and his favorite part of the season is the relegation battle.

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