In New Jersey, a bill is underway to allow people who recover from drug addiction work as casino employees. If the new proposal passes, drug offenders who can prove that they are now sober and ready to work will be able to get official permission to seek employment in casino portals like any other citizen.

However, most people definitely see this proposal as crazy and concerns are this would increase the chances of a replace. On the other hand, Vincent Mazzeo the assembly member who came up with this bill thinks otherwise. He argues that just because a person was a drug offender doesn’t mean they should be denied a chance to earn money from what they think their career is.

As reported in an article by, the new bill coded no. 5817, says select drug offenders who can confirm they successfully underwent rehabilitation should be treated as potential employees. Nevertheless, in addition to providing a rehab completion certificate, they also need to complete a probationary period set by the Division of Gaming Enforcement so they can obtain an employment seekers certificate from the Casino Control Commission.

Most offenses that fall under controlled substance analog, controlled dangerous substance and imitation limited dangerous substances end up limiting where the offenders can seek employment after release.

Because of that, the new legislation intents to tame officials that ‘unreasonably’ reject anyone who is interested to work in a casino even if they were convicts of drug abuse before.

Nevertheless, the bill doesn’t seek to make things all easy either, the ex-drug addicts would need an approval granted on their health status. That is they will need to take tests to confirm two things. First, that the applicant was initially depended on drugs or alcohol and that they really need financial and moral support to lead a normal life. Failure to this the license to operate or seek employment from casinos won’t be grated.

Confirmed sources indicate that the bill has lots of backing from the assembly committee and that it is likely to pass. In fact, the Assembly’s Law and Public Safety Committee have no objection as the members unanimously approved the bill.

The casino environment

On the flip side, however, it may be incorrect to say the bill will get a free gate pass as it still needs additional votes on the way before it fully becomes state law. One concern that may see it being shot down by voters is, this move defies logic. That is, research proves that exposing ex-drug addicts to potential triggers, which include casino-like environments can lead to relapse.

A study led by Lia Nower of Rutgers University points that casino workers are susceptible to developing gambling associated problems because of the environment. Besides the risk of falling into gambling addiction, they are likely to fall for substance abuse if they begin spending long hours with people who also abuse the same stuff.

‘The intention and the move to help drug offenders is definitely good. Unfortunately, it might be counterproductive to again expose the same people to high-risk environments like a casino,’ said Nower in an interview she did with one’s writer.

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