There have been several allegations Steve Wynn is currently battling with, and among them are allegations of sexual misconduct. The former boss at the Wynn Resort now has to prove his innocence to avoid heavy sanctions by the NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board).

Regardless of the severity of allegations levied against him, his lawyers are defiant and believe he is innocent of all the charges. To them, there shouldn’t even be a case to begin with, as they say he is no longer a staff of the Wynn Corporation.

If he’s found guilty of any of the charges brought to the court against him, not only is he at risk of hefty fines from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, there is a high likelihood that he might lose his gambling license suitability status.

So far, there have been about 5 complaint letters which have been lodged against him to the appropriate authorities, and people are watching and waiting with bated breath to see if there will be more.

In each of the complaints, there are severe allegations of sexual harassment of employees when he was working at the Wynn Resort. He has been immediately placed on administrative leave, and his license has also been suspended indefinitely. He’ll be required to face the board when called upon.

According to reports from Calvin Ayre, Wynn’s lawyers plan to dismiss the claims in their entirety. Their reason is hinged on the fact that Wynn has ceased to be an employee of the company. Hence, the case has no basis neither do they have the required jurisdiction.

They had this to say;

“Notably, however, the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not cite any statute or regulation providing for the imposition of an ‘administrative hold’ on a licensee or someone who has been found suitable to hold a position with a licensee.

“The specific question presented is: Has the Nevada Legislature expressly or [by implication] authorised Nevada’s gaming regulators to discipline a person who no longer has any involvement with a Nevada gaming licensee and, thus, no longer poses an alleged threat to the industry or the public at large? We submit the answer to that question is a resounding ‘No.’”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board have till the 27th of November to respond to the motion raised by Wynns lawyers. The final hearing for the case has been slated for the 19th of December, and from the look of things, it’s going to thrilling.

Although the Wynn Resorts have tried their best to distance themselves from the case, they just can’t seem to avoid lawsuits. An example is the Encore Boston Harbor case, which they are still battling with. They had to defend themselves when they were accused of invading Jorgen Nielsen’s privacy.

The lawsuit stated that the company was spying on his activities as he gave quotes regarding sexual harassment to WSJ (i.e. the Wall Street Journal).