It began with someone causing property damage at a MGM Springfield restaurant. When state troopers came to confront the miscreant, they found out that the individual had moved into the resort’s parking garage and they traced the destruction trail to the culprit, finally cornered in a lobby elevator. Who they discovered as the criminal mind behind the activity would have surely come as a shock to everyone.

It was none other than Marian Sullivan, the communications director for Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno.

According to police reports, Sullivan apparently had a great night out on the town, maybe sipping one too many martinis or whatever liquid was the flavor of the day, went on her tirade before being caught at around 3 in the morning on Sunday. As mentioned in the website, the troopers, who are positioned at the casino as part of the Gaming Enforcement Unit, “located the woman in an elevator lobby and observed her to be allegedly intoxicated,” arresting her and taking her to the State Police quarters in Springfield.

Since 2015, until her immediate suspension after the news of her actions, the 27-year-old had been the communications director for Sarno.

Yesterday morning, the mayor issued a statement saying, “I’m shocked and very disturbed by the arrest of my communications director Ms.

Marian Sullivan. I am hopeful that she will seek the help that she seems to need and we will be supportive of that effort.”

Maybe there was some innate subconscious desire to lash out at MGM Springfield, and not at the vehicles she hit. She was previously an intern at the venue and also worked in 2014 as a communications and public relations intern for the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino according to Massachusetts Live. She also supposedly worked on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2015.

Probably by now Sullivan has recovered from her hangover, which means she’ll be in her senses when she appears before a judge today. Information has not been released about how wide her destruction was or what charges she is going to face, except destruction of property. However, it is likely she won’t have to spend any time behind bars.