It has been reported by Oddschecker that now customers experiencing fewer than 10 seconds’ lag for big price changes. This was the outcome of a project in which the betting odds comparison site wanted to change how it processes bookmakers’ odds.

The new platform is centered around the affiliate’s core sports: horse racing, football and tennis. In no later than 10 seconds, major markets within these three sports should now show changes through the Oddschecker website and mobile app.

Speaking about how this technology was developed, Matt Robinson, Head of Technology at Oddschecker said:

“This platform has been built in-house, using internal resources. We have built this in a cloud native approach, utilising parts of our Google Cloud stack.

“Customers are already experiencing the power of this new platform on horse racing, plus major football and tennis markets, when viewing our websites and apps.”

There is a chance of teething problems

As mentioned on the website, Oddschecker admitted that users might experience some issues in the beginning in an open letter. Andrew Towers, UK Managing Director for the company, wrote:

“[The platform will] occasionally experience problems because of limitations set by the bookmakers. We’re working on this in the best way we can.”

Also, Towers talked about how the project was born. Oddschecker acted on customer feedback, in which one of the major problems mentioned was the way current displayed odds were. He also considered this lag-reducing attempt as a “once-in-a-generation technology project“.

More changes on the way

In spite of the progress which has been made till now, the company’s MD for Britain says that they’re continuing to work for further improvements.

“This is the first – and probably biggest – step in transforming into a destination where customers can confidently compare prices and place bets, without leaving our app or website. That’s why we’ve taken this opportunity to update our brand with a fresh colour scheme and new strap line: ‘Your One-Stop Betting Hub‘.

“It doesn’t stop here, though. Expect much more, in terms of new and improved features. And we’ll keep chipping away at that 10-second price lag to get it as low as possible.”