Primorye Gambling Zone, to the east of Russia, expects to have about 11 casinos by 2023. This is according to Konstantin Shestakov, acting regional vice-governor, who spoke while on a trip to the region.

As stated on calvinayre, about RUB 78.5 billion has been pumped into the region from 7 different countries within the area including Hong Kong, Russia, Cambodia, China as well as South Korea. The vice-governor also explained that about three of the eleven casinos would be up and running by next year.

The vice governor also stated that they are in the final stages of construction of two new complexes that will accommodate house casinos in the Gambling zone. A Cambodian investor is constructing an 11 an eleven-story structure that will serve as a hotel with a concert hall and a casino. Another investor, from Russia, Shambhala CJSC, is expected to launch a casino in March of 2020. Workers are currently laying the final additions.

All the work on-site is under the supervision of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC. In a recent statement, Shestakov stated that the construction process is on schedule and that the company expects that all the 11 casinos will be in operation in the next four years.

The Russian government, together with the Primorye Gambling zone, have invested a lot in this project. The investors hope that this project will be a significant tourist attraction. They are currently hoping to draw in tourists from Japan, whom they view as an important target group. The investors are working tourist agencies from japan to promote the Primorye zone.

The expectation is that this one will be one of the two key development projects. Since 2014, which is when the annexation of Crimea began, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has been at the forefront in steering efforts to develop the area as a tourist holiday destination and gambling hub.

At the moment, about four regions under the Russian Federation have been set aside for gambling purposes. They include Krasnodar, Altai, Primorye, and Kaliningrad. Crimea sought to be included on this list but has not had the necessary support that would spur interest to develop the area.

There is a lot of urgency to develop regions in the gambling zone as soon as possible. This is especially true not that Tigre del has shown a lot of potential. Tigre del Cristal started operations in 2015 and has managed to rake in close to 0.5 billion rubbles every year since then. The casino has hosted more than 1.5 million people, most whom are tourists, which proves that it was a feasible project.

The Primorye investors are hoping to mirror Tigre del Cristal’s success, and they hope that the new projects will be equally successful.

The project needs a lot of investment to get off the ground, but once it is complete, it will employ many people and also generate a lot of revenue for the Russian government. In future, Russian might just become the go-to country for those seeking the gambling thrill.