A man has been convicted for stealing roughly $200000 from a casino in Alabama. He is likely to spend the next two decades in prison for his troubles.

The man, Jory D’Michael Trayvunn Dumas, 28 years, is a criminal entrepreneur based in Alabama, as stated in calvinayre. He admitted to the crime this past march after taking part in heist that robbed the Wind Creek Montgomery Casino off the said amount. He stood before a Judge and was found guilty. His sentencing is expected to take place later on.

In collaboration with two other people, Courtney Deandra Stanton and Timothy Dean Pettiway, they broke into Poach Creek Band gaming establishment and managed to walk away with a total of $193000 before investigators put the pieces together and figured it was the trio.

Stanton was an employee of the casino at the time of the theft, while Dumas had worked for the casino in the past and was fired for a similar crime.

Casino security staff are equipped with specific skills as well as Spidey senses that alert them when something is about to take place. Either that or the fact that the establishment had plenty of cameras looking around enabling them to pick things that are out of place, like employees acting weird and doing things that stand out on camera.

It is interesting that during a thieving affair, people often forget that cameras are silently watching. If it is not stupidity, then it certainly is desperation. Besides, it is puzzling that Dumas would agree to come back and steal from the same casino he stole from while working there as an employee.

Dumas is reported to have hired Stanton to partake in this scheme and persuaded her to take leave her keys on a cash exchange kiosk.

Then, Pettiway, who was not relaxed, and certainly not under the surveillance of the cameras, casually swaggered to the booth, took out a cash box and went off to a restroom.

He came out a few moments later and went to a second cash box before repeating his movements.

In the restroom was Dumas, who had been lying in wait the entire time. Pettiway turned over the money to him so that he could open the cash boxes and hide the money before leaving via the doors. Two employees of the casino staff and neither remembered that the establishment was always under surveillance. History certainly will not be looking at their stupidity with a lot of admiration.

This certainly was a poor enactment of money heist. Maybe it would have made a difference if they had binged through all the episodes of the series Money Heist. Pettiway was quick to admit his part in the whole affair and was award two years and nine months in prison. Stanton also acknowledges her role in the heist but has not received a sentence yet.

It might not be the last we hear of these kinds of thefts, but it is certainly a good lesson for the three.