Rightlander, an affiliate compliance specialist has partnered with MoPlay and Lottoland. The reason for this partnership is to help the operators reinforce measures in affiliate compliance which is a requirement by the respective authorities.

This partnership comes after the GB Gambling Commission clearly stated its industry-wide warning. The warning was for operators to ensure that their affiliates observed age restrictions for their free-to-play games.

Lottoland is a Gibraltar-based iLottery (lottery betting operator) while MoPlay is a casino and has an online sportsbook and is Addison Global-owned.

As part of the partnership, these new operators will receive Rightlander’s compliance solutions and have access to the specialist’s tools.

Some of the Rightlander tools that the operators will have access to include; Proactive Affiliate Finder, PPC Monitor, and Automated Compliance Monitor.

Rightlander will also help Lottoland and MoPlay promote responsible gambling as part of the agreement of their partnership.

Responsible gambling which entails social responsibility initiatives by governments, gaming control boards, operators and vendors for the purpose of promoting fairness and integrity, is a requirement for all operators.

Responsible gambling also promotes awareness of harms brought about with irresponsible gambling such as gambling addiction.

The founder of Rightlander, Ian Sims shared that his team is thrilled to have signed up the two brands. In his statement, he also shared that his company will help the two operators in improving their affiliate compliance which is the sole purpose of the agreement.

Sims continued to explain that their task as a company is to help brands live up to the Gambling Commission’s requirements which are for operators to take full responsibility for their affiliates. Brands should ensure that their affiliates act responsible and Rightlander as the affiliate compiler will do a big chunk of this work.

The Compliance Monitor owned by Rightlander has the capability to oversee what affiliate websites are up to. With this feature, MoPlay and Lottoland will be able to track what websites that are sending traffic to their pages are doing and if they are behaving responsibly. In the long run, the operators will be at par with the commission requirements which will keep them away from problems with the authorities.

Lottoland’s Senior Affiliate Manager, Stephanie Cook expressed that the partnership with Rightlander will improve the operator’s monitoring of its affiliate partners as well as enhance compliance. Just like Sims, Cook expressed that Lottoland was happy with the partnership.

Apart from the Compliance Monitor, Rightlander’s Proactive Affiliate Finder does monthly scanning of millions of webpages. Through the scanning process, the compiler identifies new and authority sites in many locations that the operators are currently unaware of. Sites from locations such as Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the US can all be found.

Mark Henrich, MoPlay’s General Counsel also put a word on the partnership. According to an article by the AffiliateInsider.com, Henrich said that Rightlander as a compliance platform would help MoPlay in monitoring affiliate content. Rightlander will enable the company to conduct fast and effective checks on all its affiliate sites.

The checks will then ensure that affiliate content is GBGC-compliant and their links are up to date.

Damaris is a seasoned writer and analyst of the gambling market with several years of experience writing for various blogs and websites worldwide. He has worked with several casino startups and is a supporter of credible casino projects worldwide.

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