Japanese Integrated Resorts efforts are now getting into the final phase. The concept which is highly anticipated is now shaping out in Japan. Multiple proposals are getting ready for different cities. However, a setback could be highly disappointing at this time.

Hokkaido and Yokohama are preparing for disappointing news, however.

Japanese sources have revealed that the Democratic Party of Kanagawa has now decided to oppose the bid of IR in the Yokohama. It has even established Casino Problems Countermeasures HQ. The HQ would have certain actions that would count and reveal all the displeasure of the city with an IR in the city. The definite actions that are planned by the party for this are not entirely revealed. However, the idea and intention are very clear.

Mayor Fumiko Hayashi would not be a very happy man if HQ goes ahead with the plan. He and the municipality are trying hard for the IR in Yokohama. However, the HQ is planning to arrange a vote that would clear the public opinion and sentiment about the IR. There is a plan to collect signatures as well for a petition regarding the same. It would be sent to the Mayor for his consideration and that could be a roadblock for IR in Yokohama.

Tomoke Abe is leading the effort to deny an IR in Yokohama and he has been continuously creating roadblocks. He has already submitted a questionnaire for the government’s comments for the policy of the government by which the special complex is being developed for tourist facilities that include the casinos as well. He got a response after the second request from the government, however. It was told that the request has been made on the assumed timeline for all the steps. It also considered how the tourists’ facilities would impact the region, the government clarified in its response.

The Municipal Government has previously clarified that Yamashita Pier revitalization is one of the aims for the government. It would use the IR to do that. However, Tomoke Abe could create problems in the plan. With all these actions and now an HQ to back his effort, the Municipal government can sense trouble.

Hokkaido, on the other hand, has also conducted a survey and that clearly indicates the public sentiment. During the time period between September to November, Hokkaido conducted the survey to understand whether it should bid for IR. There were 2500 people who were surveyed by interview, email and regional briefings. The results are as shocking as possible especially for the people who are hoping for IR in Japan.

At least 69% of people in the regional briefings have given their response as positive when asked about the position expectations from IR.

The tally falls down to 49% for the interview and 33% for the postal group. However, it wasn’t a great response when the question was flipped. The other question was to understand the response of worry of IR in Hokkaido. At least 66% of people expressed concern in the Postal group. The percentage increases to 69% in the interview. However, the concern level was down in the regional briefings where it came down to 38% reported Calvinayre.

Survey results also gave some mixed results for the people who surveyed and interviewed. 70% of the interviewer believe that new jobs will be created thanks to the IR. The equal percentage of the interviewer also feels that it would bring tax revenue and will have an impact on the economy.

In the postal group, 70% of people believed that the IR would create a lack of general safety and of course addiction. Among the postal group, 50% of people believed that the environment would be impacted due to the IR. The desire to visit an IR was quite low as well for Hokkaido.

Naomichi Suzuki, the Governor wanted to have the survey to decide whether he should submit a bid for the IR in the region. However, it must be still confusing for him as the results are mixed. However, with the negative response also high, he might just avoid the bid if he does not want to pursue further attempts to determine a clear response from people.

Basheera Manaar is a freelance writer covering news related to Land Based Casinos in United States. When she is not informing you about the gambling world, you will find her busy interacting with nature, people and animals. She recently graduate from Nairobi University with a degree in Journalism.

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