The state of Goa in India has been enjoying the services of a floating casino for a while now. But from the look of things, this is about to change due to a surprising reason.

According to news reports from Calvin Ayre, the floating casino is going to be moved to a new berth, albeit temporarily. For now, there’s been no official confirmation from the government if the casino would be moved to a permanent location. At this time, the casino runs 6 ship board gaming operations.

Just this week, they were reports in the local media that a branch of Delta Corp, that is, the Deltin Group, has been given approval by the state to move its casino. The casino, which is known as the Deltin Caravela, used to berth at the Mandovi River.

At the time of compiling this report, there were 6 floating casinos functioning on the Mandovi waters and 3 of those casinos were run by Deltin.

Due to a massive outcry by the public, the government of Goa has no other option than to move all 6 of the casinos to a new location. Plans have been concluded to relocate all the casinos to an undisclosed site onshore.

From what we were able to gather, the casinos may be relocated close the Goa’s airport, which is still under construction. The only problem the casinos are still battling with is the opposition from the public, and this has become a massive problem for the floating casinos.

According to reports from the Deltin Caravela, they are changing the location of the casino not because of public outcry but for a completely different reason. They’re making this move because a lot of their clients are vomiting on deck and the company would like to put a stop to it.

The current location of the casino on the river is severely affected by rising tides and heavy rolling, which induces seasickness in the patrons of the casino.

The Men In Goa Rave About MATKA

In other news, a recently concluded survey showed that almost half of the male population in Goa gamble actively. The only issue is that the casinos in the state are not frequently patronized by the locals. The survey was carried out on 1514 men in Goa and it was published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry.

The results showed that 49.9 percent of the respondents in one way or the other had gambled before, while 45.4 percent had gambled in 12 months.

This survey is quite surprising due to the fact that the nation has stringent laws when it comes to gambling. The most popular form of betting among locals is the lottery. About 67.8 percent after which is the matka. The matka is a card based game with a lottery style and is played by 52.3 percent of the bettors in the country.

Other card games stand at 7.6 percent, dice at 4.7 percent and sports betting at 3.3 percent.

An estimated 40 percent of countrymen play matka at least, once every month. Sports betting comes in a distant second at 18.2 percent. Sports betting on the other hand was played at least three times in a week standing at 9.1 percent and matka comes in second standing at 5.5 percent.