Dennis Blieden, a poker player and former employees of Hollywood company representing social media influencer, pleaded guilty at a federal court in California. The fellow had been charged with several counts of fraud involving $22 million from his employer to cater to his gambling addiction and credit card bills.

The 30-year-old poker player held a VP role in the accounting and finance for StyleHaul. A statement from the US Attorney’s Office Central District of California confirmed that Blieden had accessed Company’s domestic bank account and used his position to transfer money to his account without authorization.


The number of counts that Blieden pleaded guilty were less compared to what he was charged in July. The US Attorney’s Office, however, didn’t comment on any leniency deal struck with him.

According to, the federal jury decided to charge him with 11 counts of wire fraud, two counts of forfeiture, and a single count of aggravated identity theft. If the jury had pursued all the counts, Blieden could have been charged on 14 counts, which could have seen him sentenced up to 200 years in prison. However, the verdict will be strong, but less than two centuries.

The US Attorney’s Office District of California gave the following statement concerning the sentence:

“United States District Judge AndrĂ© Birotte Jr. scheduled a March 20 sentencing hearing, at which time Blieden will face a statutory maximum sentence of 22 years in federal prison”.

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