A new gambling policy has been adopted by the London Tower Hamlets local council to restrict the opening of new gambling premises in the vicinity of schools, play areas, hospitals, and elderly households according to reliable Gambling source igaming.com.

The policy will also enable the Council to block the construction of new playgrounds near any venue where an anonymous gambling conference is held.

The policy will kick in from December 14.

“We know that gambling can take people down a difficult path and that the young, the vulnerable and those experiencing financial hardship are at particular risk of being lured in,” Ann Sutcliffe, corporate director of the council’s Place Directorate, the body responsible for overseeing environmental and economic activity in the borough, said.

A 12-week workshop took place from April and June of this year and the new policy, which was part of a 3-year refresh. During this process, residents expressed concern over the impact on their communities of high street gambling shops.

The law requires local authorities to prevent gambling, ensure that it is carried out fairly and openly and protects children and other vulnerable individuals against gambling harm and exploitation.

The Council stated that the amendments were in accordance with three goals that the Gambling Act 2005 must take into account in the licensing authorities.

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