This was the latest of a long list of awards Better Collective has received in 2019. The company won two EGR Operator Awards, Global Regulatory, and European Awards. The company also recorded victory in the Borsen Gazelle Growth Award. According to Affiliate Insider, Better Collective CEO Jesper Sogaard associated this success to a strong market in online sports betting.

“In 2019, we have been fortunate to take home a handful of renowned prizes. These are true testaments to the talented people I am surrounded by, and the hard work dedicated to supporting our vision to empower online sports bettors around the world.”

Still, there is some more good news to come for the Copenhagen based company. The company has reported a revenue growth of 69 percent, which will be announced for the Q3 2019 report.

Sports betting initiatives

Better Collective has also ventured into several industrial initiatives, which include Mindway AI. This venue helps to identify players in the dangers of turning into gambling addicts. The company also helped in the launching of Greek Bookmakers Awards.

What are the Malta Gaming Awards?

Better Collective won the 2019 sportsbook Affiliate of the year award for the first time for such an event. Malta Gaming Awards is held annually and brings together iGaming.