The success of online affiliates depends on one important element-Setting goal. Lack of clear goals is equated to a ship without a rudder wondering about on the internet, jumping to every opportunity available. However, this is a critical mistake and should be rectified by taking clear goals.

Lee-Ann Johnstone has a word of advice to the affiliates business. In her 44th AffiliateDriveTime, she talked about how one can set business goals. Ann’s perspective is from a personal view that can help other affiliates set aside, sometimes outsides their daily schedule, and do something else that may be more helpful.

According to Affiliate Insider, goals are essential for an affiliate program, failure to set them can result to lack of focus on how to move forward and to scale out. Ann encourages the setting of a strategy day or taking time out of the day to day activities and thorough research before making any major decisions. An affiliate manager or team leader can help in setting simple, achievable goals.

For those with no such working setting, Ann advises them to sit down and set their own goals. Setting new goals may include finding new affiliates you have never spoken to and not forgetting the little things which make the difference. The goals should also be clear and also achievable.

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