Crimes in Macau have reduced by 19.5 percent from January to September 2019. Chinese officials in the enclave cite better enforcement operations for the improvement. In a press conference, Macau Security Secretary Wong Sio Chak reported that 261 more arrests were made in 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. In 2019, 1,599 arrests were made through September by Judiciary Security police and public security police.

According to, GGRAsia reported that gaming-related crimes were highest in the first three months of 2019. The report further stated that law enforcement are still making follow up on ongoing crimes.

Common Crimes in Macau

Despite being World casinos center, Macau hasn’t been successful at eliminating crimes, even though the venues are being heavily guarded, under surveillance, and most secured in the world. Crimes such as money laundering, scams, theft, and loansharking continue to flourish in Macau.

Fresh Crime

A new crime has been discovered in Cotai this week, where two mainland individuals were working on illegal currency exchange. The two lied to victims that they had won 180,000 in the Hong Kong dollar and wanted to exchange in Chinese yuan.

The two suspects are said to have met the victims of illegal exchange in Cotai Strip hotel after they received yuan into their banks’ accounts. They presented bags to the victims who believed it was Hong Kong money only to realize that it was filled with toilet papers.

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