One lucky Oregon bettor recently turned $5 into $81,965 by hitting a 15-team parlay, by far the largest win in Oregon Lottery’s sports betting mobile application, known as “Scoreboard,” It was the largest payout on a single wager since scoreboard released its new sports betting game. It was an unexpected return on investment; Scoreboard notched a total of $13.1 million for the first month handle, paying $12.1 million of that tally to the winning gamblers.

Apparently the parlay winner wasn’t hitting on college football nor did he have a card full of NBA or NFL games because Scoreboard forbids bets on college sports. Reasonably, the bettor accurately chose 15 recent Euroleague women and Eurocup women basketball league games.

According to casino org, the largest single game NFL wagers on Scoreboard since the app debuted were courtesy of the same gambler, who plunked down a combined $7,000 on the over/under of the Nov. 24 Cleveland Browns-Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons-Tampa Bay Buccaneers games.

Oregon media reports note that the largest individual NFL bet to date on Scoreboard was a $10,000 futures wager on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. However, that bettor got skittish, opting to use Scoreboard’s “Bet Back” feature, taking a $1,000 hit but getting $9,000 back in order to get out of the wager.

Even though Scoreboard doesn’t offer action on college competitions, it allows bettors to invest in all four of the major domestic athletic leagues, as well as less-bet fare. Before the launch, officials from the Oregon Lottery said bettors would be able to deposit up to $250,000 in their wagering accounts, implying the app could take a single bet of that amount.

To date, Beaver State bettors are nowhere close to testing Scoreboard’s willingness to take a wager of $250,000, as the average bet size thus far is just $22. That’s the largest loss on Scoreboard so far.