Jack Evans from Washington’s local legislative body is facing a recall petition in his district as well as a federal investigation into his political and business dealings. An ad hoc committee made up of the remaining 12 council members voted unanimously that Evans, who has been on the Council for 28 years, should be expelled for committing numerous ethics violations.

The committee will now write up its findings and submit that before the full Council, including Evans. To remove him, 11 of the 13 must vote to do so. According to casino org the committee had the opportunity to expand the investigation, but the members decided there was enough before them to initiate action. Messages to the attorneys representing Evans were not returned on Tuesday. It’s uncertain when the Council may take up the vote as its next scheduled meeting is not until next year. However, they may hold a special meeting before then act.

Councilwoman Elissa Silverman (Independent-At-Large) said the vote recommending Evans’ ouster was one to restore the public’s trust.

“This is about all of us,” she said. “This is about what our residents feel confident about the decisions we make because we think it’s the right decision, not because there’s money behind that decision.”

Evans was the primary supporter of the move to issue a $215 million sole-source contract to Intralot to manage the DC Lottery’s sports betting operations. Intralot already committed to run other games for the Lottery. However, critics raised questions about Evans’ ties to subcontractors Intralot selected for the sports betting operation. They asked Evans to recuse himself from voting on the contract. He declined, and it passed 7-5. That sports betting contract now faces a challenge in a DC courtroom.

Evans did not turn up before the Ad hoc committee Tuesday, where he was supposed to present his case and answer any questions they had. He sent a letter explaining that he had already given the answers to investigators who prepared the report that the committee had used to recommend his removal.

Councilmember Robert C. White, Jr. (Democratic-At-Large) said that Councilmember Evans’ decision not to appear reinforced that he failed to understand the severity of his actions and how they affected the residents of the District of Columbia and that Council. Besides, he said that it also illustrated a lack of respect for his colleagues.


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