The post of a casino executive in one of the most popular entertainment companies like Empire City Casino is one of the most envied positions. Talk of the huge pay and the status it sets a person in society and this becomes a reality. However, Uri Clinton, seems to be one man with completely different thoughts regarding this, as he as ditch his executive position in the Empire City Casino.

Clinton’s resignation comes barely a year since he took the position. He was the officially appointed chief operating officer, the board of CEO’s member and president of the Empire Casino in Yonkers, with his office-based New York. One possibly viable speculation as to why he changed his mind maybe because of a change in the ownership of the company. Just before assuming his former responsibility as the president, MSG purchased the company, this happened just a few weeks after this year begun.

The sudden departure of Clinton comes as a great puzzle to most people and to this moment, it is still not clear why he has resigned. Sources say he played a key role in helping Empire City transition from the former owners. ECC was successful in the hands of the Rooney Family, the initial owners who had the biggest share on the business, but still, a lot of praise for the success connected to the outgoing boss.

Clinton was applauded for showing great teamwork building traits and other managerial skills. Part of his qualification includes a doctorate degree in Juris and a degree in political science. In other words, although they say nobody is irreplaceable, Clinton was the all in one packed president that definitely this entertainment company will miss.

In the meantime, the person to take the now vacant position is Ed Domingo, who has been the chief financial officer at the business. Domingo assumes the responsibilities of overseeing the daily function of ECC. This is in addition to the role he has been playing. One obvious challenge the accounting professional will face in the new responsibilities will be to keep up with the standard that his former boss set. Nevertheless, the fact that he has been in charge of finance of the establishment is also not doubted that Ed, has what it takes to keep the company afloat until they get the new president.

However, sources including the hint that Clinton is not yet completely away from MGM. The company’s spokesperson Debra Deshong confirmed that he will still play the consultant’s role to help or support MGM’s ambitions to become the top-rated entertainment and casino portal in New Yorks’ Yonkers. This definitely explains the fact that there is still plenty of hope for ECC – especially with Clinton as one of the consultants. Nevertheless, this would depend on how much the incoming president would be willing to work with consultants.

Helping casinos survive by championing for leniency with lawmakers was one thing that gave the now new ECC consultant, Mr. Clinton the popularity in the casino world and also what made him raise easily top the ranks to the top position he held.