No greenlight has been issued on casino operations in the state of Virginia, but several cities are ready to start gambling operations. As is stated on calvinayre, firms like Hard Rock International are looking to work with local gaming companies to set up shop in Bristol.

Danville city is hot on the heels of this opportunity, not wanting to be left behind. The city has set up a platform for operators to send in their interest to build a venue.

A notice was posted on the city’s webpage; officials have issues requests for proposals (RFP) from interested parties who are looking to build a casino in the city of Danville. Their responses will be critical to the evaluation of the value, both civic and economic, of setting up a gambling facility and to determine the most suitable partner.

About five cities in the state of Virginia have been identified as potential points to set up a gambling facility. However, the lawmakers in the state have not even gathered all the pieces together. They passed a law at the beginning of this year that would work in favour of the new goal to set up gambling centres across the state of Virginia. However, the new bill states that lawmakers should revisit this issue in their next session before they come to a final and binding decision is made at the highest level.

However, even if approval is issued at the highest level, there is also another obstacle that might pose a considerable challenge, and one they might have a hard time getting past. Virginia’s state vote will also have to be consulted on this matter.

The city council of Danville has not formally thrown its weight behind a specific casino. The RFP is expected to help the council in the decision-making process. According to the city’s manager Ken Larking, they are anticipating several companies to express interest. As companies compete for an opportunity to set up shop in the city, the city council will be evaluating them on several criteria, including experience, the number of job opportunities they will create as well as the amenities they will bring with them.

Those that will be looking to set up a casino in Danville are allowed to submit up to proposals, one of which, based on RFP guidelines, has to be based in Schoolfield or White Mill. The Industrial development in Danville owns both of these sites.

City manager Larking also stated that the city officials would be responsible for determining whether a casino if chosen, meets the goals the city has set for itself and its people. He also explains that any selected business will be required to provide an answer to the question of how its activities will be implemented and whether it will be allowed in the city. The latter is a question the voters will be expected to answer through a public vote once that time comes.