It is not business as usual to the Bureau of Gambling Control as the board has to face the waves of resistance from the California cardrooms. The BGC has been working behind the curtains to try to streamline the way player-banked games run.

The proposed changes came forward late last week, and according to the control board, the draft aims to: in its own words amend the rules for the player-banked games. If these modifications take effect, what will happen going forward is that there will be a third-party player in place that would be taking the responsibility of collecting the results and using the report summary from those reports to pay out the wins.

Normally what happens, or the rule is that the players rotate the player dealer in parts and each should remain in play position for an hour. The system is that the players can avoid this if there was an option allowing the opponent to decline the opportunity to change position. If one turns down the chance, the table then puts to halt all the activities for at least two minutes before the game can resume.

Unfortunately, the way cardrooms are interpreting the proposal in BGC’s draft is that there is something fishy and perhaps discriminating to the game. Some of the questions the establishments are stack with is why has the board took this direction without consulting. That is a good way to handle this according to the self-proclaimed pokers experts is that the committee should have included representatives from cardrooms to allow that feeling of fairness and in particular to allow the representatives to air their voice.

Cordroomes take this as a skim and think that it is meant to cripple or discontinue this part of their so called most lucrative table games. And because of this, different cardroom managers in California are strategizing on ways they can fight back to stop this changes from taking effect.

The proposed changes are quite strick, in that every single players would be obligated to assume the banking role and that is without fail and this would be followed by swapping the players every two rounds. However, if a player refuses to stick to this new way, the penalty would be to vacate the game and the goal altogether.

For some times now BGC has been steering talks on ways to implement this proposal but every time things turn out not to go exactly as intended. The next hearing according to sources such as the is that the control board has not had it easy either in its quest to apply the new rule. In fact, the Los Angeles Times in one of their articles on these matters says this there is a deeper reason as to why the BGC does this.

In precise, what the gaming operators are trying to avoid is monopoly on the banked card games. The matter has brought in a clear wedge of division between state regulators and cardrooms and players.

Hud Wafiq Ganem is a gambling industry pioneer. He is the founder of and his yearly gambling industry predictions and analysis are respected and adhered to by veterans and novices alike.
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