The enactment of federal law will now enhance the fight against animal cruelty. Last week President Donald Trump signed the federal pact preventing animals from cruelty. The law will now help the local enforcement to crackdown cockfighting, which is prevalent in Las Vegas Valley.

Despite having a variety of gaming activities in nearby Las Vegas, cockfighting is prevalent in the region. The sport is popular among Latin American migrants. It is culturally accepted in South America, but banned in the US. According to, California and part of Texas are a hotbed of the sport; the sport is operated by rings who host betting activities among the spectators. Razors are usually fixed on the birds’ feathers, and they fight to death.

The new federal law will enable local law enforcement to have more power in persecuting those involved in the activity. It is a felony for anyone found abusing non-human living things such as birds, mammals, reptiles, or amphibians.

The biggest raid on the biggest cockfighting in US history was uncovered in 2017 in Los Angeles. About 7,000 birds were found housed in Val Verde, northwest of Los Angeles, most of them had injuries sustained from fighting. Several people were detained in the property, but the authority had no power to prosecute the owner. Cockfighting is now in the same category as criminal activities such as tax evasion, illegal gambling, drug abuse, and violence.