No. 2 LSU (12-0) is definitely a touchdown favorite over No.4 Georgia. The two teams will have a match on Saturday for the SEC championship. The game will take place in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium situated in Atlanta.

LSU, in the matchup, can be categorized as a seven-point favorite. This is according to the odds of SEC championship that were posted by Draftkings Sportbooks.

Both of the teams knows a win will get them in

According to, the most important thing is that both LSU and Georgia teams are involved. The LSU is a -250 pick to win over Georgia’s -250. This becomes tricky since the winner will also get a berth of the College Football Playoff.

There are possibilities that the tigers might also get in despite their loss; however, no one can be sure of this. There have been other single-loss SEC teams that, over time, have been playing as playoff participants. In spite of this fact, the head coach Ed Orgeron shunned off the idea in the coming Saturday’s match.

“Not even thinking about it,” the head coach Ed Orgeron informed the reporters. “I’m not buying int that all. I am not really sure whether it’s a must we win the playoffs. In precise it’s not exactly what I’m talking of. Our main goal is to beat Georgia and if possible at least win the SEC.

There are a few questions, though, on the other side of the ball. During the last year match, Georgia was feeling snubbed after they were given the fifth spot after the team finishing 11-2. They were given the spot after they had a heartbreaking loss to Alabama in the SEC championship.

This year, however, there is nothing to be debated about: there are a good number of qualified and undefeated one-loss champions on the playing board. For this reason, there is no way a two-loss team will get in. On the other side, there are the Bulldogs currently ranked at No. 4 in the rankings. If they win over the LSU would guarantee them a spot at the College Football Playoff.

Elite offense vs. stellar defense

For Georgia to win the spot, the team will have to win over the best offense in the country. On that note, the best offensive team would be the Bulldogs. On the other hand, the bulldogs are the best defensive team in all college football. Coach of the bulldogs, coach Kirby smart accepts that his players have not yet seen a team like the LSU.

Currently, LSU is at the second spot in the country’s scoring offense. The team at 48.7 trails Ohio state, which is at 49.9. on the other hand, Georgia holds the second position in the scoring defense. This after allowing 10.4 points, which also means Clemson leads in that class after giving up a total of 10.01 points for each contest.

When one looks in that direction, the Saturday match is set to be a tug of war between the unstoppable and unmovable force.

On defense, the best defense we’ve seen, Orgeron spoke to reporters, speaking of the Georgia defensive. 10 points for every gameplay…only giving up 257 yards per game.

LSU has survived the likes of Alabama, Auburn, and Texas, and they have successfully managed to leave without a loss. On the other hand, Georgia only has a single blemish, and that is with the Bulldogs.

The long awaited kicks off at 4 pm on Saturday Eastern and air on CBS.

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