Oron Barber is the General Manager of CoinPoint Group. The group is a digital marketing agency specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain for the iGaming industry. Before he started the CoinPoint marketing Group, Barber was an iGaming affiliate manager, a role he worked for in 18 years. Initially, he worked for PlayTech as an affiliate manager, product manager, among other roles, before starting his marketing firm in 2006.

Barber reported that the onset of the crypto market caused gaming operator to embrace it as mean of payment, and to ensure that they were successful in doing that, they had to ensure that they had the relevant affiliates. He added that most affiliates focus on iGaming, but few are interested in crypto. Barber agrees that working with an affiliate on the crypto market requires educating them. This is because the operator will pay them by crypto for directing traffic to their sites. Affiliates must learn how to secure their bitcoin in their wallets.

According to affiliateinsider.com, Barber insisted that understanding how to use crypto is important for both operators and affiliates. He attested that there are challenges linked to payment of affiliates with crypto, and knowing them is paramount. The innovation in the crypto market is making payment easier since payments are immediately processed instead of the usual waiting at specific dates and months to get paid.

Oron advices, “Everything is a process, and of course, there are still plenty of opportunities. Markets all over the world are looking for this kind of traffic, and new channels exist to drive this. It’s fine to compare it to the traditional displaying of banners on affiliate websites – this has worked for many years. But today, there are new funnels, new sources, and new traffic.”

Barber view the education of players in two different angles, first those who know about casino games but have little knowledge of how crypto work. The second individuals are those with a vast experience of crypto but lack knowledge about casinos. The first group of individuals needs to be taught how to use crypto while the second group will require to be taught how to play games.

Barber concluded that, in the end, those conversant with real money casinos would only need to change to crypto, while those players with crypto knowledge will help affiliates understand better their challenges. And finally, they will be able to find more crypto players.