Thursday night is going to be a game night like no other for the football lovers. This is because two of their favorite teams, Baltimore Ravens and Underdog Jets will be going head-on and the two teams are super prepared to win no matter what. The game will start at 8:20 pm and will be aired live on Fox.

This is despite the fact that Raven’s frontrunner, Lamar Jackson, is healing from a quadriceps injury he suffered on Sunday while trying to throw a pass. The game was against Buffalo. Besides, Jackson has run more than 100 yards this season and still has three more games to go, including the one on Thursday.

While many, including his own team, question his availability for Thursday, the team noted that he had been fully participating during practice. He also told reporters that he planned on playing on Saturday despite defenses tying to reduce his effectiveness while running by hitting him low.

He further stated that when he is on the edge, he tries to avoid them, something he cannot do when he is in the pocket trying to complete a throw. According to, during the upcoming game, he has a chance to surpass Michael Vick’s season record for quarterback rushing. Unfortunately, the odds are against him and he can’t convince luck to or the public otherwise.

Besides the injury, he also has to go against Jet’s defense, which allows just 78.8 yards per game on the ground. This is the second-best record in the league. The Ravens are the only offense that allows more than 200 yards rushing per game, some player sees this as a limitation in the game but most people don’t seem to bother.

His only advantage is that the Jets have the league’s worst and unlawful felonies. The bettors have not been left behind either. William Hill and DraftKings offer the Ravens 17 points while FanDuel offers Baltimore 16.5 points. Despite having such huge odds, bettors are still placing their bets on Ravens. 52% of the spread or shared bets have already been presented and people have placed on Ravens as well as 64% of the money.

The other good news for Ravens is that it is Running back, Le’Veon Bell has it in the schedule and it is intended to make a revisit the clash or face-off despite last week’s disheartening game. It is said he had been unwell but is now doing better and is going to be part of the face-off with Jets. Le’Veon, who previously played for Steelers has had a tough year.

Late last year he held out in hope for a better contract. This affected his overall performance. This year, he has just 589 yards in 12 games, a downgrade from 2017 where he ran 1000 yards. His mean gain with every carry is just 3.2 and he has not yet had a big run of 20 yards or more this season. However, he has caught 55 passes for 403 yards making a good receiver for quarterback Sam Darnold.

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