As we close the curtains to the year 2019, it seems all is not well in the small-town South Dakota, Sioux Falls. According to KSFY television station, Jokerz casino was on Wednesday night attacked by some armed men. About two hours later, there was another robbery at the Get-N-Go gas station.

This was after another Get-N-Go was attacked on Monday night by unknown men. This has led police from the area to suspect that the casino robbery may be related to the gas station heists. KSFY reported that the suspect from the Jokerz heist is of medium height, not so build and possessed a gun.

On reviewing the surveillance footage from the three heists, police discovered that it is the same suspect, only that he has been wearing different masks each time. At one of the robberies, he even tried hiding his actual skin tone using coloring.

Yet another heist took place on Wednesday at around 7 pm at the Happy Jacks Casino. KDLT television station reported that during the robbery, the suspect had covered his face using a towel.

According to, KELO further described the suspect as being a white male who simply went into the casino, demanded money then left. He was also careful to hide his face but it’s possible police detectives can still decode his identity if given the footage of the scene.

It is not known how much money has been stolen in the seven robberies that have taken place this week alone in Sioux Falls, and speculations are that this might be something organized from within.

In a statement by Sam Clemens, the Police Department Public Information Officer, he said that it was not the first time this was happening.

He went ahead to advise the people of Sioux, that during an attack, they should simply adhere to the threats of the robbers.

This is because you might not know what the robbers might do with their knives or guns. He also advised those working in the stores or casinos during the robbery should try to remember as much information as possible. They should take note of small details from the robbers whether it is a logo, a tattoo or disability, as it could go a long way in helping solve the case.

In a failed robbery in March, 27-year-old Quintez Provincial attempted to take money from a cash drawer and later on tried to rape a woman in the bathroom of Happy Jacks Casino. Fortunately, he was arrested and charged in court though it is not clear what happened to his case.

Two years prior, three casinos in Sioux Falls were robbed by two armed men. Both men were later arrested and jailed for 10 years making it impossible for them to use the money to purchase meth as they have earlier planned. In December 2017, there was an incidence where an employee staged two robberies of Jackpot Casino Too.

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