Friday, being the end of a long week, is always filled with celebrations. Many go out drinking with friends with a few ending up in casinos. But Friday afternoon was such an unfortunate day for those who were having fun at Joy’s Internet Casino in Tavares.

According to one news article by the outlet, is that last Friday night, four robbers attacked the Tavares based casino, handcuffed the security guard, took his gun and went ahead to rob the players off money and cell phones, as well as other valuables and belongings.

In fact, to this moment, it is still unknown the exact amount of money the robbers got away with, but it may range in several thousand dollars. The cashiers are also still making calculations to establish the company’s share of loss.

Two of the perpetrators, identified as Steve Manor and Zakee Garhi, were arrested a few moments after the heist. The other two are still out on the loose with one of them being suspected to be the one who came up with the plan.

What is surprising is that even though the casino and several of its kind are illegal in Tavares, Joy’s was filled to capacity during the heist. To top it all, the casino is still running the business as usual in spite of the Friday afternoon happenings.

According to local authorities, however, for such an illegal business to be shut down, it has to be first investigated by a drug unit that specializes in such cases. The process is long, difficult and requires them to have a solid case against the accused casino.

But all is not lost. Recently, authorities have been raiding illegal gambling cafes in Tavares. On 24th November, they raided Dreamers where they took with them several computers and approximately 10 000 dollars. This was the second raid after Lucky Time was raided in February 2018 and the owner arrested. About 50 hard drives and televisions were seized during the raid.

The recent heist is just one of the many crimes attributed to internet gambling, that have been taking place in Sunshine State. In May 2017, Dreamers was attacked by two men in masks and really dark clothes. One of the employees was hit in the face using a pistol. In November, a man was set on fire while in his car.

This was after the assailant lost quite a huge amount of money to the victim during gambling. Still in Florida, a man was drugged by two women and his watch and money stolen. This was in September. According to a statement by the man, the woman added a drug to his drink while at the Hard Rock.

On taking the drink, the man started feeling dizzy. The woman took him to a car nearby and drove him to his hotel, which was not far. He woke up to find his watch worth $15,000 and money, estimated to be $1000 gone.