In the 11th Week of the NFL season, Oakland Raiders tied with Kansas City in the AFC West at 6-4. Many thought that Raider’s playoff final touches would be formidable and that playoff presence guaranteed.

However, according to, Raiders lost in their four consecutive games. The humiliating game of all losses was on Sunday night against Jacksonville Jaguars. Jags scored two touchdowns in the last five minutes beating Raiders 20-16.

According to Oakland coach Jon Gruden, it was the most humiliating incidence to Raiders fans. They expected the team to finish better and they have been supportive throughout the season. Gruden thanked them for supporting the team through all sorts of seasons. Now, Raiders season is over. The ESPN Football Power Index computer simulation had predicted that Oakland had a 0.4 chance of making it to the playoffs and a 0.1 percent of winning the 54th Super Bowl.

Baltimore is favorite to win Super Bowl at odds of +215, according to FanDuel. Others in that order are New Orleans Saints at +600, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers at +650 and Kansas City Chiefs at +750. Meanwhile, Raiders fans in California will be looking forward to the 2020 season as they welcome the team in the City of Sin.

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