Holland Casino Company in Netherlands is run by the government but nobody know really. For the past three years, it has been under the leadership of Erwin Van Lambaart. With his contract coming to an end and expiring in 2020. However, there have been discussions about whether or not to extend his role as CEO of Holland Casino.

This decision lay with the Dutch Ministry of Finance, with input from the supervisory board. The supervisory board praised Van Lambaart saying that he has done a good job and he needs to be given more time to continue with his contract work. The chairman of the board also had something nice to say.

He said that Van is a strong leader who has the ability to help the casino withstand even the toughest of situations. He also added that with him as the CEO, growth of the casino is least assured. Van is a leader who has been able to put his interest aside and has been able to merge the interest of his team with the social responsibility of Holland Casino.

According to a report in the calvinayre.orn, the government has decided to extend his contact for another four years, and the company thanks full that they are able to recover.2019 has been a tough year for the gambling industry in the Netherlands.

There were discussions to have the Holland Casino sold to a private operator and this plans almost came to actualization earlier in this year. This plan was suggested by Sander Dekker in his privatization bill, which he later withdrew stating that there were more urgent issues that need to be addressed.

Online gambling was one of the issues Sander was referring to. Online gambling was approved in February but still has not taken root. It will have to wait for another six months, as announced mid last month. It seems it is more work than anyone anticipated and more laws have to be put in place before it is actually set in motion.

This delay is probably least of the concerns right now for Van Lambaart. Holland Casino had a lot of plans in place which will be continuing as the bill is fine-tuned and set in motion. The reappointment of Van Lambaart will allow these plans to proceed smoothly with few expected hiccups. However, reports are that the management has considered this and claim to have ready machinery to handle any unexpected unveilings.

After he was reappointed and the list of responsibilities presented, Van released a statement saying that he cannot wait to get down to work to continue with the work he started. Work aimed at protecting the future of the casino from unexpected future challenges.

He also added that the casino plans to launch an online gambling site as well as open new casinos in Venlo and Utrecht. Besides, he plans to come up with new great stuff for the customers as well as improve those that are currently present.