California Mayor John Soria has requested California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to reconsider the recently revealed rules that would make the state cardrooms unattractive to gambles. The new rules launched by the California Bureau of Gaming Control (CBGC) target the Golden State 72 cardrooms and commercial casinos. The guideline is, however, not applicable to the tribal gaming properties.

The rules require players to take turns in acting as the bank and rotating the task between them. According to the California Gaming Association, the procedure will be cumbersome to players and pose a threat to cardrooms. California cardrooms are different from tribal casinos. One, cardrooms do not offer slot machines games. Second, cardrooms have dealers, something that tribal operators feel like it is a gap. Additionally, cardrooms dealers act like house regulators.

Commerce Casino

According to, Commerce Casino is the world’s largest cardroom and is well known for hosting lucrative poker tournaments. The venue is almost 37 years old and contributes significant revenue to the local economy. Commerce Casino currently contributes 45 percent of its annual revenue to the local economy. According to Commerce Casino spokesperson, the regulations are harmful because they will decrease the tax collection and also cut some jobs.

Damaging Cardrooms Reliability

The CGA fear is that the new regulation is aimed at maiming cardroom reliability; this is because no player would want to act like the house. Then the cardroom players will transfer their gaming to the tribal properties or in Vegas. On the other hand, cardrooms generate $71 million in tax to the local economy and have created about 13,500 jobs.

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