The tribal compact will expire on 1st January and the points of contention is whether it will auto-renew or not. According to Tusla World, Stitt said during a news conference in Oklahoma City that the tribes should sign the extension compact to avoid breaking the law and affecting the thousands employed in the tribal gaming facilities. Stitt also wants to renegotiate the revenue share paid by the tribes to the state.

“The language in this extension will allow each side who signs the extension to retain their legal position. The state will make a generous offer with this extension and not ask for anything in return,” Stitt said.

Not OK

The tribes have, however, vowed not to ink the extension agreement. They believe doing so will be equivalent to acknowledging a faulty legal augment. They are prepared for any legal battle if the situation permits. In July, Stitt wrote to Tusla World that he intends to get more money from the tribes out of the negotiations. He believes that the contract will not auto-renew after the expiration of the first term. Some tribes are, however, open to renegotiation, but they want the Governor first to acknowledge that the compact will auto-renew.

State Revenue Share

Oklahoma tribes pay 4 to 5 percent on the slots revenue to that state and 10 percent on craps and roulette. However, Stitt wants the tribes to pay 25 percent with nothing to offer them. According to, Oklahoma AG has withdrawn from the leading role of a negotiator and wants the Governor to take the lead.

Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Chairman Matt Morgan has also indicated his frustrations with Stiit. According to The Associated Press, Morgan affirmed his disappointment with the Governor. He added that the tribe has been clear from the beginning on auto-renewal, and they would be willing to renegotiate with him.

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