Wednesday California legislators made a public announcement that come January 8, 2020, they will have a sitting to discuss two gaming proposals that have been brought forth. The proposals seek to legalize sports betting in California and could bring about major changes in the state’s gaming industry.

Bill Dodd, a State Senator, told the public that the legislators were going to put the public’s best interest at heart and were going to make sure the best proposal is adopted. The two proposals have been introduced by Dodd and Adam Gray, an Assembly member.

If passed, the proposals would see online and mobile betting legalized as well as prohibit cardroom operators from the state from participating in the games. According to one news-article posted in the is that the announcement on Wednesday did not sit well with the state’s Bureau of Gambling Control, who immediately held a workshop with the public to discuss these proposed changes.

Cardroom operators have strongly opposed the new changes saying they would make their businesses unprofitable. According to state rules, during a game at the table, there are supposed to be two players. One blackjack and another baccarat as opposed to poker which is played by many persons at a go. However, casinos have found a new way of doing this, by introducing a third party at the table who acts as the house or bank.

The proposed new rules will require that all the players at the table each take role as the bank. Any of the players who refuses to take the role of a bank, will be required to leave the table. Besides, no game would continue if none of the players is willing to take up the role of a banker. This has been seen as the casino operators as one of the things that will significantly reduce their profits.

California Gaming Association, which represents the interests of the casino owners, was not left behind in protesting the proposed new regulations. Its president, Kyle Kirkland, told the media that games such as blackjack contribute to the largest percentage of the revenue earned by casinos.

If the proposed laws are passed, which their likelihood of making through are definitely high, it would mean most casinos would have to close down due to the reduced profits they would be making. Kirkland also added that they were not afraid and would defend their rights tooth and nail and that already they are in search of the best lawyers they can get as their legal representatives. Well, it may not come to this far, the notions is that if it means filing a legal challenge against the rules, they would do it.

Casinos have strong support from the local communities and this may make them quite full of themselves. This is seen in how they run their operations. They have become difficult to control due to their constant unwillingness to adhere even to the most basic regulations.

Kadin Taim is a web journalist and news enthusiast. He has been writing about casinos, politics and technology. An avid casino enthusiast, Kadin has done his Masters in Finance and Bachelors in Journalism.
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