Rick Heidner, the owner Of Gold Rush Gaming in the losing end, two months after the cancellation of his bid to build a Racino in Southern Indiana. Heidner is now being accused of carrying out illegal payment, something that will lead to the revocation of his video gaming terminals (VGT) license.

Illinois regulators accused him of paying $5million to the owner of the gaming parlor where his company operates. According to The Chicago Tribune, the owner of the parlor had threatened to dump his machines for another gaming supplier.

Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) filling indicates that Heidner clients, Laredo Hospitality Ventures, changed ownership in November, and the new owner threatened to dump his machines in the 44 spots in the state. Heidner then organized to meet with Daniel Fischer, the new owner and arranged for the company to be handed to him at a cost, which was $5 million more than what Fischer had paid.

According to Casino.org, VGT operators are prohibited from owning venues for their machines in Illinois. It is also against the state law to offer anything of value for a video gaming license in any location or inducement to keep or maintain video gaming terminals.

Smear Campaign

Heidner attorney Randall Samborn insists that his client has done nothing wrong. Sanborn told The Chicago Tribune last week that his competitor is orchestrating the allegations to remove Gold Rush Gaming from its locations. He added that the purchase offer of Laredo was legitimate and that Heidner had no personal or financial interest in the transactions. In September, Heidner appeared in FBI search warrant, after which a raid was carried out at State Senator Martin Sandoval home and offices. However, Heidner insisted that he had no idea why the FBI was interested in finding evidence linking him to Sandoval.

After the raid, The Chicago Tribune reporters decided to dig for more information. They uncovered that Heidner had close ties with Rocco Suspenzi, the chairman of Parkway Bank and Trust. In 2003, Suspenzi was alleged to have a concealed ownership of Emerald Casino, which is no longer operational. Heidner bid to operate a racino in Southern Chicago suburb was revoked in September after reports emerged that he had a connection with Suspenzi. Governor Pritzker ended the sale state’s plot for the development.