Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) on Thursday solidly ruled that it has the authority to impose further prohibitions on Wynn Resort founder, Steve Wynn, even if he is no longer in the industry. The dishonored Wynn was coerced to step down last spring following allegations of sexual harassment to female staff in the company. Wynn immediately ended his ties with Wynn by liquidating his shares in the company.

Regardless of that, the NGC is still pushing Wynn further and wants to declare him unsuitable of holding state gaming license and fine him $500k for spoiling the Nevada gaming industry reputation. NGC Commissioner John Moran said on Thursday that the commission has the mandate of looking for the acts and conduct alleged, no matter who leaves at what point.

State attorney general Steve Shevorski warned NGC that letting Wynn walk will set dangerous precedents for future offenders who might decide to end their Nevada ties to escape from potential punishment for their conduct.

However, Steve attorney Donald Campbell insists that there is no need to revoke Steve since he does not intend to re-enter the gaming industry in Nevada. According to, Wynn continues to deny allegations made against him. Despite all, Wynn has recently contributed $20 million to the company to help in settling shareholders’ lawsuits against the management.

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