Earlier this year, world-renowned golf player, Tiger Woods won his fifth green jacket. Being that this win unexpected by many, the story hit sports headlines for some time. According to a publication by a popular sports reporter at Casino.org is that this story has received lots of traction and has been voted up as the most enthralling and most read in 2019, particularly by Associated Press.

The team in charge of choosing sports stories of the year, comprised of sports editors and writers from Associated Press. The other story that was being considered was the victory during the world cup by the US Women’s National Team.

Wood’s victory came as a surprise to many. With his last win of 14 majors more than a decade ago, many had given up that Woods would ever get to outdo Jack Nicklaus’ record he had set earlier on of 18 majors. Since his last play in 2008, Woods had faced a lot of life challenges.

First, his marriage ended over claims of infidelity. Soon after, he was involved in an accident outside his Florida home, which left him with injuries. This greatly affected his performance when he went back to the field. The icing on the cake was in May 2017 when he was arrested after he was found driving drunk.

With all this happening in his life, the odds of him winning the Masters in 2019 were close to zero. In early 2018, the odds of Woods winning that year’s masters was at 50/1. However, he put his best foot forward and he had a string of strong finishes in the 10 tournaments he played. As a result of Woods together with his coach or for that reason his source of training is considered the most improved so far.
In fact, this alone has made Woods the bettor’s favorite player of the year. In a statement during the time, he said he was the favorite because there were a lot of gambling addicts out there. 2019 did not start off too well for him. Rory Mcllroy overtook him as the bettors’ favorite at odds of 9/1 with Dustin Johnson following in second at 10/1. Woods was in third place with odds of 12/1.

Though the odds of Woods winning were at 7.69 percent, most of the gamblers set their money on Woods. The highest best was from a Wisconsin native, James Adducci, who placed $85,000 at the Las Vegas William Hill venue.

The bet did not end too well for William Hill, which lost $1.19 million to Adducci after Woods won the masters. This was just part of the money the venue lost in the game.

Sportsbooks have already lined up their favorites for next year. Brooks Koepka is leading at odds of 9/1 with Mcllroy following in second at 10/1. Woods comes in third at 12/1, which surprisingly is the same odds as the beginning of the year. Could this be the sign? Let’s wait for fate to take its course.

Basheera Manaar is a freelance writer covering news related to Land Based Casinos in United States. When she is not informing you about the gambling world, you will find her busy interacting with nature, people and animals. She recently graduate from Nairobi University with a degree in Journalism.

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