Notre Dame and Iowa State met on Saturday in anticipation to end the season on a high note. The two schools have been on the losing end throughout the season and wanted to make some difference in the offseason as they met in Orlando, Florida.

Both schools had high expectations of qualify for the offseason during the start of the regular season. Notre Dame was No.9 while Iowa State was No.21 in the Associated Press top 25 ranking. Notre Dame’s chances of qualifying to playoffs started to get thinner after losing to Georgia in September. In October, their hopes were obliterated after losing 45-14 to Michigan.

On the other hand, Iowa State lost 21 points this year, disqualifying them for the offseason. Iowa lost to two points to Oklahoma, two points to Baylor, and a touchdown to Oklahoma State. It has a season a bad for Notre Dame, and Iowa State, the final game on Saturday at Orlando was to bring some good vibes to one of the school as the season ends.

Bettors Backing Notre Dame

The ESPN Football Power Index computer simulation predicted that Notre Dame had a 67.6 percent chance of winning the game. Sportsbooks at Las Vegas had 3.5 points in favor of Notre Dame. The Moneyline for Notre Dame and Iowa State were -170 and +145 respectively, and thus a bet of $100 would bring a profit of $58.82 and $145 in that order.

According to, the two schools have played football for more than a century, but have never met. The Saturday game was one of its kind as the two schools faced each one another for the first time. Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly hopes to build some confidence for the next season by winning a bowl game.

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