A lot of people must have made their New Year resolutions and are looking forward to what the year brings. Even though the previous year might have had its challenges, the authorities in Macau are quite happy with the development of things in the region in the past year.

The reason for their happiness is due to the number of tourists that thronged the city in 2019. According to estimates from Law Enforcement officials, an estimated 39 million people visited the city in 2019. This showed a 10 percent increase when compared to the number of tourists that visited in 2018.

The police gave the exact figure to be 39.4 million tourists for 2019 – the report included the 28 million people that came from the People’s Republic of China. Other regions that tourists came from include Thailand, Australia, India, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong,

According to reports from Calvin Ayre, the fact that the number of tourists visiting the region increased showed that the authorities are doing something right. Despite this increase in the population of tourists, it did not reflect in the number of hotel rooms that were booked.

Although several hotel rooms were recently unveiled in the lively city towards the end of 2018, there was a decrease of 1.7 percent in total room occupancy. The reason for this decrease was linked to a lot of renovations that was being carried out on major projects. This led to the closure of these areas, but from the look of things, most of these projects are near completion.

At present, 18 hotels are either under renovation or under construction. About 24 new hotels are expected to start this year. If this happens, the region will have an extra 11,000 rooms to what is already on ground. The feasible time frame for most of these hotels to be completed is 2020 but some are likely to be completed before that time.

There were high hopes that Macau would see a tourist population of 40 million people in 2019, but several factors hindered this estimate. Some of the unforeseen factors that led to this were the protracted US/China trade war which did a number on the Chinese economy. Another considerable factor is the political crisis plaguing Hong Kong. This led to a steep fall in the number of tourists that visited the region over the last 6 months.

In 2020, Macau could enjoy more significant patronage from tourists. For now, there seems to be a compromise between China and the United States. If a suitable agreement is reached, it would have a positive effect on the economy of China.

On the other hand, a study that was conducted recently showed that 70% of tourists from India that visited Macau had intentions to go back home. However, about 96% gave glowing reviews about the city and would recommend it to their family and friends.

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