The new turn of events is that oddsmakers at DraftKings have set the Seattle Seahawks as their favorites over their host, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles may have won the right to host the game, but the oddsmakers are definitely not on their side. Their opponents have been set at a 1.5 point favorite over them.

The Eagles have not had a smooth running this year. The public doesn’t seem to accord them as much respect as they used to before. They struggled to make wins during most of the season and this seemed to affect their popularity with the crowds. However, the season finished quite well with the Eagles been crowned the NFC East champions.

This was a weak win, 9-7, and was only possible after they acquired four consecutive wins as the season neared the end. According to a news highlight appearing in the site is that this particular win has made the team extremely popular. In fact, sources say it’s now seen by many as having risen beyond its limits, and that it is stronger than it was initially thought.

Seahawks Coach, Pete Carroll, said in a statement that the Eagles are a strong team that has really proven themselves to be champions with the four wins they got. Not to forget, they won the super bowl merely two seasons ago. This particular repeat win shows the other wins were of cause never an accident.

On the other hand, the Seahawks lost the NFC West crown to the San Francisco 49ers in a match that was concluded at 26-21. The two teams went face to face on the final day of the season in a match that would determine who would win the title. Their coach blamed the failure by the league officials to call a pass interference as the reason for losing the game.

Another much-awaited game in the NFC is that between the Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints. The oddsmakers have placed the Saints eight points ahead of their opponents. Playing for the Saints will be Drew Brees, who is considered the strongest quarterback and the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

This has placed the Saints at an advantage over the Vikings. Despite this, the Saints head coach said that they will not be taking the Vikings for granted. He added saying that the team has proven itself this year with their good defense and the way they manage the ball.

The Vikings also have luck on their end, as their strongest offense will be playing. Dalvin Cook missed the last two games of the season due to a shoulder injury. The coach is confident that with him back, the game is definitely going to be different and they will be headed for victory. The winner from the game will battle it out with the Green Bay Packers next weekend, while the losers will face the 49ers in San Francisco.

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