Macau’s casino regulator vowed that he would protect the health of those employed within the casinos in the city, in a statement issued just before the new year. This included forcing local operators to submit test reports run independently in addition to by a third-party personnel.

This comes as a result of growing concern from a few working within the facilities about possible health risks faced from coming in contact with persons from across the globe. There was a concern of a possible rubella outbreak In April, when it was found that 24 employees working at the City of Dreams Cotia and StarWorld Hotel were said to have contracted the illness.

However, to ensure that no potential health risk existed, the Health Bureau in Macau conducted thorough testing of employees along with the casinos. Since then, there has been no report of significant numbers of cases.

As reported by, this has not lessened the worries of some. Recently an activist with the local gaming labor group New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association expressed his worries about the health issues related to the gaming operations. Concerns were raised specifically about the “casino chip attribution system,” which the activist expressed anxiety about health issues for casino dealers.

Not only are the groups anxieties about chips being touched and passed by patrons who may carry an illness, but also about the radio-frequency identification (RFID) signals which are used within the chips. The union group explained these factors posed a possible health risk to employees.

Despite the concerns, on Tuesday, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, also known as the DICJ, issued a statement clarifying that there are no possible health risks involved in their systems. They also showed a deep concern for their employees, saying that they attach “great importance to casino worker’s health.” They are devoted to following the proper safety standards to make sure that employees are protected, they added.

The gaming regulator also tried to lessen fears, issuing a statement of his own. The regulator added in the statement, “Apart from assisting the relevant government departments in conducting regular checks on workplace safety compliance, the bureau also requires casino operators to submit independent, third-party test reports of the gaming facilities when approving such installations.”

On January 2, a rally was held to raise awareness of these issues. 290 people supposedly took part in the march, insisting that the third-party tests be made public to make sure that all staff is informed of any possible risks.

Damaris is a seasoned writer and analyst of the gambling market with several years of experience writing for various blogs and websites worldwide. He has worked with several casino startups and is a supporter of credible casino projects worldwide.
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