Not much update has been given regarding Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast proposed casino, but much of the project is in the process of being realized.

In 2018, the plans for a $400 million Casino City was announced, although the projected is expected to be completed by 2027. However, different sections will be completed in different phases along the way. According to the local media, the project will place Costa Rica in the same status as the like of Vegas and Macau.

The Casino City will be built on the Caribbean city of Moin. The Casino City is expected to include the following; three casino hotels, a riverboat casino, a marina, conference center, 240 beachfront apartments, and a vacation home lots. A spa and wellness center will also be included. Thus, the resort will attract all sorts of visitors, including gamblers.

Tourism is the bread and butter of Costa Rica; without it, the country will miss about $1.7 billion annually. Much of tourism activity in the country is on the Pacific coast, and embryonic development has been done on the eastern coastline. However, the Casino City Resort is about to change that.

According to, the first phase of the project is expected to start this March, the undertaking will be massive, and the Royal Tortuguero Resort Casino Hotel will be built during the dry season. The resort will include casinos and a clubhouse with about 60 rooms.

According to Patti Rao, the owner of Patti Rao Projects, as the construction continues, more investors are likely to come in and bring more investment plans. Rao hopes that the project will bring economic growth to the Caribbean coast and Costa Rica.