The Japanese Casino Commission is about to hold their first ever session where they’ll give out new licenses – but it doesn’t seem like everyone is enthusiastic about it. A particular city has decided they no longer want to get this license anymore. According to Toshito Kumagai, the mayor of Chiba, the city does not want to continue the application to host a casino-resort anymore.

Some few days back, the Mayor of the city released a statement as regards the unveiling of an Integrated Resort in the region. He went on to explain that they did not have the luxury of time to place a proper bid that will represent the city. This was laid bare when the city suffered a devastating typhoon which they have not recovered from just yet.

In a statement released to Calvin Ayre, Mayor Kumagai had this to say:

“Campaigning to host an IR would take a lot of energy at a time when we need to place our top priority on post-disaster reconstruction and restoration.”

The mayor affirmed his stance that the investigation that was currently going on concerning lawmakers who received bribes was not the reason for their decision. The shocking investigation involves a past state minister in charge of the resort-casino policy of Japan.

The city of Chiba had about 8 companies involved in their RFI process (Request for Information) which started in October last year. They were going through the prospect of creating an Integrated Resort which they could submit a proposal for.

Regrettably, the terrible aftermath of the typhoon which happened in 2019, hampered all preparations that could make the proposal see the light of day. With that in mind, the only option they had was to pull out of the process.

This move happened at the same time the maiden conference of the casino management commission is billed to hold on Friday, 10th of January, 2020. On Tuesday, the body was formally convened, and the meeting’s timetable was established.

The Japanese government is not turning back on the plans they have in opening the Integrated resort-casinos they planned to have. According to the Chief Cabinet Secretary in Japan, Yoshihide Suga, it’s coming at the worst possible time. It’s the same time as the bribery scandal rocking the Tsukasa Akimoto, a lawmaker in the midst of the scandal.

Several allegations have been flying around that close to 5 lawmakers may have collected bribes to lobby for certain places. Two lawmakers have come out to vehemently deny all alleSgations of unlawful activity, while one lawmaker admitted that he took some money but he did not declare it as he should.

In spite of these claims, the commission does not plan to stop anytime soon and they’ve made a selection for 2021.

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