Missouri Rep. Rocky Miller seems like he has been watching too much of the Netflix popular crime drama series “Ozarks.” The storyline in season two sees Bateman, the starring, trying to convince lawmakers to permit him to operate a gambling boat at Lake of Ozarks.

Similarly, Miller filed a resolution last week that requires voters to go to the ballot to approve whether they want a riverboat casino on the Osage River. According to the Springfield News-Leader, Miller acknowledged that the resolution sounds like something in the show, but insisted that he is the one who told the guys about it.

Republicans in the state claim that Miller served as a consultant to the show producer, he has also been questioned why Missouri’s riverboats can only be on Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Riverboats casinos were legalized in 1992, and 13 licenses were awarded by the state, which is operational up to date.

Uplifting Casino

According to Casino.org, the resolution filed by Miller won’t add another license to the existing 13; instead, it permits the current holder to sell or relocate to the Osage.

Growing Tourism

According to Miller, also a member of the Missouri House Economic Development Committee on Tourism, the state law puts economic disadvantage to the existing gaming operators.

“I care about my area here and the fact that they’ve had an economic bias placed against them,” Miller stated.

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