For a couple of days last week, a section of employees at NagaCorp was away from work but it seems things have resolved. However, despite agreeing to go back to work, the striking workers at one of the company’s arm, NagaWorld have not received any pay increments as it had earlier been reported.

This was after their operator, NagaCorp, issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that all striking employees had returned to work on January 12, 2020, but there were no pay hikes. NagaCorp further explained that during the strike business had been going on as usual. The company expects that the strike would have no negative impact either on its daily inflow of customers or on its revenue.

Several employees at NagaWorld had gone on strike last week demanding better pay, improved working conditions and the reinstatement of one of their own. Chhim Sithar, who also doubles up as their union president, was suspended late last year after she was found guilty of breaking some NagaCorp policies.

Since then, the union has been at loggerheads with NagaCorp management, demanding that she be given her job back. The stand-off between the two is what escalated to the strike last week.

There seems to have been a lot of rumors surrounding the strike and its resolution. During the strike, local media reported that not less than 3,000 employees had down their tools. However, NagaCorp came out vehemently denying this and saying that only 500-700 members of the staff were on strike.

Another contradicting detail was on how the strike was resolved and how exactly the consensus was arrived at. What was shared with the public is that a local media reported on Saturday is that the strike had been called off after NagaCorp held negotiations with the striking employees. Well, it like they agreed to increase their wages to settle the deal. Reuters reported that NagaCorp had agreed to increase wages by between 18% and 30%.

In addition, according to one article by Reuters, NagaCorp had agreed to give Sithar her job back. It was after these two conditions were met that the striking workers reported back to work, as per the news by Reuters. What was unclear though, was why NagaCorp would give in to the demands of its workers after it had won a court injunction which stated that the strike was illegal. After the ruling, NagaCorp warned the striking employees that anyone who was found absconding work would be committing a grave offense.

In the statement issued by NagaCorp on Tuesday, there was no mention of Sithar nor whether she had been allowed back to work. This again contraindicated the news given earlier by Reuters.

NagaWorld is owned by NagaCorp and operates as a monopoly on gaming within a radius of 200km from the capital. It has employed about 8,200 staff to provide different customer services. Recently, the company claims it hired about 1,000 interns, who are expected to add on to the already huge workforce.


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