The world’s most popular casinos opened the year with complaints of decline in earned revenues. However, for Detroit casinos, the story is completely different, as the company’s record of earnings has continued going up since 2016 December.

Contrary to expectations, the latest reports show that last year, one among the three branches of their commercial casinos set an even better revenue record compared to the previous years. This news came in when the state officially shared its interest to launch legal sports betting zones in the country.

Because of this, while some gaming analyst agrees that Detroit’s group of casinos are pretty established and even possible legislative changes from the government may not shake its grasp in the market, chances are that the revenue earrings the company has been enjoying might reduce. They cite that an increase in competition, better deals, and restriction may sway gamblers to other bases.

According to a detailed news article shared by one author at, the Michigan Gaming Control Board allowed public access to the figures, which broke down how Detroit has been performing. As at the end of 2019, Detroit’s three casinos raked a whopping $1.45b in revenue.

In comparison to the previous year’s earing, which was $1.44b, it shows that the company registered a 0.01b rise in net earnings. All the three outlets collectively posted a $127.8m, which equals to over 0.3% additional profit margin from the preceding years.

Going by branch, the report highlights that the MGM Grand Detroit led in revenue earning by registering a 0.7% or 623.5 m improvement from 2018. In fact, the record earnings in 2018 were also amazing that it was thought that was the highest it could ever go, which is now clear it’s not the case.

The MotorCity Casino, on the other hand, posted a 0.8% increase in profit margin or $493.6m compared to 2018’s net profit. Although the revenue figure is less than that of MGM, MotorCity’s earing, in terms of percentage, was higher by 0.1%, which experts agree is a very huge gap in the casino industry.

Third but not least is that the Greektown that is co-owned by both VICI Properties Limited and Penn National Gaming, followed suit in recording improvement in revenue earning by closing the year with a profit of over $337.2m or an increase of 0.6% from the previous year.

The only time the business was able to go beyond this was in 2011 when it registered revenue earnings of $352.8m. This by then was rather expected because there was no much competition as of today.

Despite faring well in business recently, Detroit’s management team, together with the state’s tribal gaming have been haunting to have the online sports betting and gambling options legalized. As such, the progress is not bad, as already, the authorities have agreed to sign the required legislation that permits this. The means, while there is expected competition from other players, Detroit Casinos are likely to be favored by the advantage of being the pioneering force of this new direction.

Amir Azzam is a professional Journalist from South Africa. He loves writing about Sports and Casinos. Amir is a neutral when it comes to club football. He is especially fond of the English Premiership and his favorite part of the season is the relegation battle.
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