It’s normal for a casino business to face financial, management and even debt challenges and MGM’s Springfield casino has been in this state lately. The struggle has come to a point where the company was forced to go back to the planning table. That is, in the quest to try to bring things back to control, the Massachusetts based casino has begun the year by appointing a new president, Mr. Chris Kelly.

This news was made official on Tuesday after Kelley’s introduction and induction to his new post. However, rumors suggest that this was coming all along and that Kelly was already prepared to leave his post at MGM Northfield Park where he has also been serving as the company president. His working style and enthusiasm that saw Northfield Park increase in profit margin last year is what made him a recommended choice for this new task.

Springfield is only one and four months old, which is probably one reason why the casino is still struggling to, stand on its feet, and that its location in Massachusetts, the southwest corner of the town might have a share in causing the slow growth.

Kelly comes in to take the place of Mike Mathis who has been the president of Springfield since its launch. While this appears like a demotion to Mike, it’s not it, as he’s transitioning into the VIPs board of the MGM’s main branch, and would be working at the head office.

On the other hand, Kelly’s former post will be occupied by Matt Buckley who’s coming in from his previous position as one of the marketing officials. According to, before elation, Kelly also worked in the same bench with Matt as one of MGMs Grand Detroit marketing teams.

Other traceable sources like for example Jorge Perez, a VIP at MGM portfolio, hint that Kelly is definitely fit for this new position and that he proved this in the way he handles his work. That is, Kelly’s role in ensuring the Hard Rocksino transition to Northfield Park after the MGM group of companies acquired it went extremely smoothly under his oversight.

The new president is intending to share some of his strategies and efforts to ensure the casino diversify and increase its marketing power.

This is scheduled to begin by first increasing local awareness, that the casino offers an all in one entertainment experience, not just gaming. Jin Murren, who’s also MGM Resorts CEO and would be working with Kelly shared with the public that Springfield would soon be the go-to place. The management has set up a consistent and active calendar that highlights subsidized events, all geared towards increasing publicity.

Jim, in the announcement on Tuesday, made it clear that despite the current situation, the business is destined to prosper and everything possible will be done to ensure that. Springfield’s business plan is to extend in function, way beyond gaming and sports gambling into a full-time revenue-generating enterprise. Well, the ball is now in the new president’s coat and he better live up to the demands accompanying the new position.